Meeting the Brothers Part One

Jill Horan and Brooke Tomlinson have been best friends ever since their bothers' band, One Direction, had been formed. There was only one strange thing: Jill had met every member of the band execpt Louis, and Brooke had met every member except for Niall. What will happen when they finally meet?


13. Date Night: Part 5

Jill's P.O.V.

Brooke and I jumped in Louis' car and began to drive. The look on their faces were priceless! They were a mixture of stunned, scared, and surprised. Brooke could barely contain her excitement. I decided to drive and Brooke was bouncing up and down in her seat.

"What kind of idiot leaves his keys in his car?" She asked.

"Your brother." I said wondering how mad he was. I hadn't thought about whether or not he would still like me after this.

"Of course he will. After you said yes to his date, he kept talking about you nonstop!" She said. Obviously I said that out loud again. Old habits die hard right?

"Right." Brooke giggled as my cell phone rang playing Live While We're Young.


"JILL THEY CALLED AND THEY'RE ANGRY!" Megan yelled laughing.

"Good. This will be fun."

"Hey, meet me at the gas station about a mile from here."


"Because I'm leaving Harry's car there and getting in Louis' with you and Brooke."

"You evil person."

"I know, it keeps me awake at night."

"Alright be there in a minute."


"Bye"I hung up my phone and was about to put it in the cup holder, but it rang again. It was Brooke's cell number.

"Oops...Heheheh...I might have left my phone at your house.." She chuckled but I wasn't amused.


"JILL YOU GIRLS ARE DEAD!" Niall stressed all of his emotions into those five words.

"Please bring our stuff back. Please?" Asked Louis, so I assumed I was on speaker phone. I turned my phone on speaker.

"Why? Have something to hide?" Brooke mocked.


"How do you know we have your car? We could have Harry or Niall's." I told them.

"Wait. So you don't have my car?" He sounded relieved.

"Well, I didn't exactly say that.." Brooke giggled.

"NOT THE GLOVE COMPARTMENT!!!!!" He yelled but it was too late. Brooke opened it revealing a bright red man-thong.

"Oh.My.God.Louis you..."I started but he cut my sentence short.

"IT'S HARRY'S!!!" He yelled and little did they know I had them on three way with Megan. I'm so smart.

"Manwhore." Megan stated plainly.

"YOU HAVE US ON THREE WAY?!" Harry asked angrily. We all giggled and I hung up ready to go to the gas station. Oh yeah! They are gonna be mad but this is sooooo much fun!!!

A/N: Got my computer back!! Gonna publish some more!! Yay! I am so excited! Any way what do you think is gonna happen on their date.

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