Meeting the Brothers Part One

Jill Horan and Brooke Tomlinson have been best friends ever since their bothers' band, One Direction, had been formed. There was only one strange thing: Jill had met every member of the band execpt Louis, and Brooke had met every member except for Niall. What will happen when they finally meet?


16. Comatose

Louis' P.O.V.

Once the tear filled elevator ride was over, we stepped out onto the main floor. It was ICU and no one bothered us. I figured they all had some family or friends in there, so I didn't bother them either. Amber led us to Jill's room and the only thing that moved on her was her chest rising and falling. She looked terrible. She had cuts and bruises that looked so painful. I wanted to grab her. To wake her up and tell her everything would be fine, but I didn't dare. I didn't dare risk causing her any more pain than she had already felt.

"W-We walked in here pretty loud so why isn't she waking up? WHY?!" Niall asked angrily.

"You might want to sit down." Said Amber. I didn't because I, however, knew what she was gonna say.

"She's.....She's in a coma..." She whispered barely audible, but Niall heard her extremely clear.


'They don't know.."

Jill's P.O.V.

I-It was black...Everywhere. I couldn't see anything. I could hear faint murmurs of people around me. Who was there? Where was I? Wait...What happened to me?! I felt extreme pain everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE.

"She's.....She's in a coma..." It was Amber!

"WHAT?! FOR HOW LONG?!" Niall!
They spoke for a moment before I felt something warm on my hand. Some one was holding it. The touch was so familiar... Louis! I longed to hold him back, but I couldn't move. I tried so hard but I just couldn't.

"Please...Wake up Jill...Wake up for me..." He spoke his voice soft like an angel. I wanted to answer back, I had to. So, with all of my strength, I spoke. It caused me so much extreme pain, but for him I had to.

"What do you think I've been trying to do for the past thirty minutes?" I asked weakly.

"JILLY I LOVE YOU!!" He yelled.

"Wait...are you serious?"

"Yeah! Love at first sight don't you think?" he asked.

I giggled a bit but then nodded, "Yeah, I do now."

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