Meeting the Brothers Part One

Jill Horan and Brooke Tomlinson have been best friends ever since their bothers' band, One Direction, had been formed. There was only one strange thing: Jill had met every member of the band execpt Louis, and Brooke had met every member except for Niall. What will happen when they finally meet?


4. Brooke Gets a Date

Niall's P.O.V.

Brooke. She was driving me crazy! I had only met her and I felt like.... I JUST CAN'T DESCRIBE IT!!!! It's kinda like getting punched in the face by a hot girl...

"Where did they go?" Brooke asked puzzled.

"Probably behind the house but-" She cut my sentence short by grabbing my arm and dragging me outside.

"Wait, Brooke I have to ask you something!" I said.

"Hold on-"She started, but this time I cut her off.

"No! You hold on! I need to ask you something important!" I yelled. I really shouldn't have been that harsh, but I had to ask.

"Fine. Shoot." She said as she rolled her eyes.

"I...was...well....would you go on a date with me tomorrow...?" I asked extremely nervous.

"DUH!!! Ofcourse!! Yes yes yes!" She exclaimed jumping up and down and hugging me. There was that hug again... It felt so right but this time I hugged her back and we stayed there for what seemed like forever. Yet still, it wasn't long enough.

That's when my confidence boosted like forty marks! So again, I felt compelled to ask.

"This may be a little soon but would you consider being my....girlfriend?" I really felt stupid then! I had only known her an hour but once again, I was surprised at her answer.

"Well, yeah!" She said. Oh my gosh I think my heart just skipped a beat!!! I can't wait until tomorrow!!

A/N: Sorry for the short chapter... Anyway, when I tried to upload a cover it wouldn't let me :( So, I'll try again, but that's why I don't have a cool cover

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