Best Friends

A really close friendship seems to go further when Marie confesses her feelings for Justin.


1. How it all started

 Hi .... my name is Marie.Today I have decided that I can no longer keep my feelings from my own best friend. We met on a cruise sailling to Cancun a few years ago . I was so excited because that was my first cruise ever and my good friend Stella was allowed to come.  Well about the second day of the trip Stella meets this guy named Christian and wanted to go on a date but didn't want to go alone so they decided to hook me up with a guy name Justin. They had us talk on the phone first and he seemed like a nice guy so I said what the heck and went ahead and gave Justin a chance. The night I met Justin we all went to an underground aquarium. I'm pretty shy when it comes to meeting new people and I would of made Stella nervous if I showed it so I was freaking out in my head. Come to find out I already knew who Justin was and have talked to him via Twitter , I guess I was too nervous to put two and two together. At that time Justin was a youtube sensation. Half way during the night Stella and Christian ditched Justin and I . Justin and I had a few laughs and at the end of the night we exchanged numbers. Stella and Christian hit it off and next thing I knew they were dating . Justin and I became good friends and after the cruise was over we seemed to become best friends . Stella and I had a falling out , which left me devastated and Justin was there to comfort me . When I told Justin that I knew who he was he was super curious of why I never told him. The reasoning I had I couldn't remember except I didn't want it to portray his opinion of me. In all honesty I forget how that could have. 

"Marie , someone's here to see you" my mother called out from downstairs 

Who would be here to see me ? I don't talk to anyone except for Justin and he's all the way in Canada. I quickly ran a hairbrush through my hair and ran downstairs . I couldn't believe what I was seeing . Justin was in my living room, I haven't seen him in months nor have I talked to him in days because he's been so busy. I ran and hugged him so hard I basically tackled him. "Dang is someone happy to see me ?" Justin giggled 


"Well it has been days since we have even talked , What are you doing here anyways ? Aren't you suppose to be in Canada?" I seemed to be nervous words just kept coming out my mouth 


"Technically I am , but I need a break and I had to see my favorite girl " Justin said with a cute half smile.

I suddenly got super hot, a bubbly feeling in my stomach , and I fainted 

About 30 minutes later I woke up laying in my bed with my Bestfriend sitting next to me. "Wh-at happened?" I studdered 

"Marie , you scared me half to death ! You were fine one minute and the next thing I knew you were passed out on the floor. I panicked I have no clue what I would do if I ever lost you" Justin  cried.  Justin words made me feel safe . I grabbed his hand and slowly fell back to sleep. 

ANNOUNCEMENT :  I'm new to this and I will only continue to write if people actually reads . Feel free to send me suggestions on how I could make my story better. 

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