Highschool Relationships

When Brittany's boyfriend Liam Payne gets to there closes point and that little piece of rubber broke! what's going to happen? Liam promised his heart to Brittany will he break that promise plus her heart? They have been dating since freshman year. Will the senior year be the end of Brittany and Liam?


7. Not feeling good:/


Brittany's POV

 I woke up feeling like crap I got up forgetting I was completely naked till I heard Liam say " I like this view " I looked at him and bent over to pick up my stuff and right there and then u saw that covers lift from Liam getting a boner  he  tried covering it but it didnt work. Liam had a bathroom in his room so I walked in looking at my messy hair in the Mirror I then saw Liam's reflection next to me he was still naked he came be hide me wrapping his arms around my waist. Asking me if I wanted to take a shower with him. I said yes Of course and he let go if me to the. The water on I went out the bathroom Into his room to check my phone. I had a miss call from Harry and 3 text from Kiara and 2 from my friend Steph I was about to put my phone down when I got a text from Liam saying " lets go sexy in waiting" I laughed at it and walked tours the bathroom. When I walked into the shower with him he started rubbing soap all over my body which my me moan. Before I know it he had Shoved to finger into me making me gasp. He started moving then around when I threw my head back into his shoulder as he places a kiss on my neck.


---- END OF SHOWER-------------


i threw on a pair of sweat pants and one of Liam's shirt. He always loved when I wore his things. I was walking down to the kitchen when I felt something weird. I ran as fast as I could to the bathroom and puked my guts out. I felt someone rubbing circles on my back and lift my hair up I knew it was Liam. I sat back as he grabbed a towel to whip my face I got up and brushed my teeth then was out in the bathroom me and Liam did what we mostly do on Saturday  we watched movies and cuddled on the couch but that day had to be the worst day ever! I kept puking! I didn't know y but it was weird I drank a lot of water but the water tasted weird so I stopped drinking it I had this craving for strawberries  and I don't even like strawberries I came back to the couch with a bowl full if washes and cut strawberries and when I say down next to Liam he gave me the most confused look ever "what?! I can't eat strawberries" I asked look right at him shoving a strawberry in my mouth. " babe are u ok u don't even like strawberries" he said looking into my eyes " well today I like them" he looked at me still confused but then turned back to the tv. I was there got about 5 minutes till I ran to the bathroom to puke again maybe this will all blow over if I sleep..  

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