Highschool Relationships

When Brittany's boyfriend Liam Payne gets to there closes point and that little piece of rubber broke! what's going to happen? Liam promised his heart to Brittany will he break that promise plus her heart? They have been dating since freshman year. Will the senior year be the end of Brittany and Liam?


1. In School


   Liam POV

    I was in last period. The only class Britt doesn't have with me. Oh my Brittany her gorgeous blue eyes her long blond hair her tiny little body that I now call mine. My mind was in the opposite direction till I heard me teacher say my name in the same sentence as detention. I flow out of my thought and looked At her " yes that's right Mr. Payne see me at 3:00" Mrs. Go said. I turned my head back to my textbook and lifted it up just a little so I could text Brittany to wait by my car after school.


Liam: hey babe what's up..

brittany: hey babe just bored 

Liam: I got detention..

brittany: WHAT! FROM WHO

Liam: Mrs. Go

brittany: she must like stealing u from me u always get detention from her 

Liam: lol babe but Ur right I got detention from her 3 times this week but no one can steal u from me I have to go love u 

brittany: ok babe bye be good love u to

Liam: wait for me by my car I will take u home 

brittany: ok


the period was ending and Mrs. Go kept giving lovely dovey eyes I just looked away maybe she  liked me that would be sick

i was writing down the notes when I  heard the bell ring I didn't even bother moving since I knew I had detention. When I was was finished with the notes I saw all the teens trying to squeeze through a door. It made me laugh a little " NO TALKING MR. PAYNE"

Mrs. Go said. It was finally 3:30 and I was able to leave when the weirdest fucked up thing happened I was pulled back right when I was about to walk out the door. I was turned around and MY TEACHER SMASHED HER LIPS TO MINE! Something is about to go down I pulled her dry lips off mine and scream " WHAT THE FUCK" " don't u dare say anything or I will have u expelled"

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