Highschool Relationships

When Brittany's boyfriend Liam Payne gets to there closes point and that little piece of rubber broke! what's going to happen? Liam promised his heart to Brittany will he break that promise plus her heart? They have been dating since freshman year. Will the senior year be the end of Brittany and Liam?


4. I'm sorry..

  Liam POV

   It's been a week and I feel so distance from Brittany. I don't know the thing thatt happened with my teacher... If I told Brittany she would think its wrong and find a way to get her Fired. I didn't want her to think I was hiding something which I was. I can't get expelled!

i get Suspended twice once for punching a guy for grabbing Brittany's tits and the second for being caught having sex in a Empty classroom with Brittany. I can't get expelled my parents will kill me. I was walking down the hall way when I say Harry, Kiara, and Brittany. Brittany looked upset I ran to her to ask her what's wrong but she just turn alway fully Ignoring me. I was a little heart broken when she said " I don't want to talk to u"  why Didn't she want to talk to me?

Brittany POV

I felt tears in my eyes I didn't want to say I didn't want to talk to him I really did. But kiara said to stand strong he ran to me knowing  me so well that something was up he put hid hands on my shoulder asking if someone hurt me but I just looked away not want to talk to him and He quickly said "Babe please talk to me" I wanted to talk to him so badly but I didn't want to drop down in tears in school.

"Im sorry Liam I don't want to talk to u" with that I walked away 

liam was acting weird I felt like he was hiding something I wanted to find out but to scared to.  We haven't spoken to each other for 3 days and thats a first.. He was Liam the one I loved he was being Distant and Harry even said he hasn't spoken to him. I passed by Liam's house to get my phone charger. His mom answered I said "hi Mrs. Payne I'm here to pick something up" she said " ok dear Liam is upstairs go right ahead I'm heading out and won't back till next week" "ok bye Mrs. Payne" with that she walked out the door while I walked up the stairs. I knocked on the door when he screamed out " GO AWAY MOM!" I opened the door peeking my head in while his head was in his hands. I walked in fully and shutting the door and I headed to my charger. I then felt 2 long strong arms wrap around me and pull me close. I felt the tears already filling my eyes. He let go turning me around and Hugging me even tighter I let the tears roll down my face so he knows how upset I am and he whipped them away while he said sorry I fast said "for what" "for being so Distant" "Liam... Can I ask u something" "anything babe" "are u cheating on me" his eyes grew Wide looking like he was going to cry. 

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