Highschool Relationships

When Brittany's boyfriend Liam Payne gets to there closes point and that little piece of rubber broke! what's going to happen? Liam promised his heart to Brittany will he break that promise plus her heart? They have been dating since freshman year. Will the senior year be the end of Brittany and Liam?


3. Harry


Kiara's POV

   I was walking with my Boyfriend Harry. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I pulled it out see I got a text from Brittany it said "hey kiara do u think I should ummm..." I Replyed knowing Exactly what she was talking about " if that's what u want go ahead just be safe" me and Harry were walking hand in hand when he turned me around to push his lips into mine he kept telling me how much he loved me. I loved him to. When we Go to his house his sister was there. I dont think  Gemma liked me.  I can understand why she caught of twice in bed and with her bigging Harry's sister and watching him fuck me it wouldn't  be the view u would want. Harry always knew what to say and when to say it. He's always with girls because he the hottest,most cuties, funnies boy ever. Some girls try to get me Jealous but it doesn't work because I love him and he loves me and it will always stay like that. If it wasn't for me Brittany would have never met Liam. Liam and Harry are close friends and I met them at a party I went to that Brittany did want to go to. I always knew Harry had a eye for me but thought it would end up like every other girl he's been with so I played my same Routine as always HARD TO GET and I think it wasn't hard for him at all but what's hard for him is.... Not to get hard when he sees me we have been dating for so long and I trust him with everything I have and the question Brittany was asking well its not like her and Liam never did it before they have but for some reason she was Nervous it was weird. I was sitting on Harry's bed opening my math text book about to grab my Pencil to start when Harry jumped on me knocking my textbook off my lap he rolled over so I was on too of him  he looked into my eyes and said "kiara.. I LOVE U SO MUCH" that being followed with  the most Passionate kiss ever

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