Highschool Relationships

When Brittany's boyfriend Liam Payne gets to there closes point and that little piece of rubber broke! what's going to happen? Liam promised his heart to Brittany will he break that promise plus her heart? They have been dating since freshman year. Will the senior year be the end of Brittany and Liam?


6. Fun night. Not

Kiara POV

  Harry finally pulled away from te best kiss ever he looked at me with those green eyes of his. I loved looking Into his eyes! He got up and took his shirt off while I bent down the get my text book I went to open to the page again when Harry put his hands on my shoulder ad started kissing at my neck. "I want u right now" he whispered in my ear. I turned and looks at him. He gave me the cheeky smile "can't I have math" I said he game his puppy dog eyes that I always fall for. "Harry stop if I finish my math before your mom is home, then We can have a little fun" I said. He lead back down with his arms across his chest. I started doing my math. Harry got up to watch tv down stairs while I was still in his room doing homework. Suddlely his phone got a text. He always checked my phone but I never looked at his so I took his phone and my hand he got 4 text from his mom and 3 from a girl named Allie. Who the hell is Allie. I put his password in and went to his messages and clicked on his convo with this so called Allie 


Allie: hey Harry thought we could hang out or something! Xoxo

Harry: sorry love with my girlfriend today.

Allie: aw u can't ditch her to hang out with me.. Your ex?

Harry: no I love her to much! Today is our night!

Allie: "UR night" wow what u find her at a cloud was she your "one night stand"

harry: here's the bitchy Allie I broke up with 

Allie: whatever we'll just text me some hearts if u ever want someone different in bed! ;)

( these text where a week ago)^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Harry: ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤;)

Allie: meet me at my place 10:00 bring your own condoms


oh my good did he really just do that... Did was he really going to sleep her today? 

I heard Harry running upstairs and I threw his phone back where it was! He came bursting through the door "ARE U DONE YET!"

"yes" I answer. He walked over to me pressing his lips to mine I pulled away.. "Soo.. Harry what are u doing anything tonight? Around I don't know 10 ish" I asked he looked at me "Nothing why" he answered back but I forgot he didn't see the text I did we'll let's hope he better not lie to me. "Ok Harry ready for our fun night" I ask."YEAH TIME TO GET NAKED" he screamed which made me laugh. Knowing Harry he loves getting naked and it just something I have to get used to on Your 2nd date with him. But lucky we been dating for like 3 years now and I know that he is one horny child. He started taking him pants off about to go to his boxers when we heard the front door open "HONEY! I'm home" Harry's mom screamed from the bottom of the stairs. Harry groaned know that we werent going to have fun anymore. He then Grabbed a pair of shots and threw them on and ran down stairs to Embrace his mom with a huge. Now that she was home it was time for me to go home so I packed my things up and started walking down the stairs I saw Harry's mom I said hello and that I had to go so I said good bye. I was walking to the door when Harry ran in from  of me his back against the door and him pushing his lips to mine. " were u just going to leave with out a kiss good bye?" Harry asked. "Yeah pretty much" I said with a smile right across my face. I started walking out the door when Harry slapped my ass and gave me one if the cutest smiles ever. I hated when he slapped my ass but that smile made me forgive him in a heartbeat

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