My Princess ( Niall Horan )

Niall is walking home from practice when he sees a girl about 19 sitting on a bench crying. he introduces himself and realizes how beautiful she is. will they fall for each other or will she fall for someone else? Read to find out! ( this is my first movella so please, no hate! But please feel free to comment like or favorite. Tell me what you think! :p )


10. Annoyed

Gabi's P.O.V.

        No! This can not be happening!! I hate this! Now I'm really annoyed and want to be by myself and lock my self in my room all week. I strongly dislike you. My period. Then Niall walked in. I don't wanna be mean to him or tell him because it's embarrassing. " Are you okay, love? You fainted! I was so worried! Do you need to go to the hospital? What's wrong? " He was all panicky. " I'm fine. Just please leave me alone. " I got up and walked out. He looked confused but didn't ask anything else. At least it was quiet.

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