My Princess ( Niall Horan )

Niall is walking home from practice when he sees a girl about 19 sitting on a bench crying. he introduces himself and realizes how beautiful she is. will they fall for each other or will she fall for someone else? Read to find out! ( this is my first movella so please, no hate! But please feel free to comment like or favorite. Tell me what you think! :p )


2. A Day of Insanity

Gabrielle's P.O.V.

  When I got closer to my house I felt my heart drop. I could feel tears start to fall down my face as all the memories come flooding back to me at once. The sound of their laughter, their voices, their hugs. All the memories of my parents. Then I thought of all the good times we had together. I smiled, still feeling the tears. When I walked in I saw my mum's sweater, picked it up and smelled it. I smiled as it smelled like her perfume. Then I became angry and threw it down. "WHY DID THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN TO ME?!" I screamed and ran up to my parents' room. I threw their stuff EVERYWHERE.  I stormed out and slammed their door. " I can't stay here any longer. " Then I packed my things and put all the photo albums in a box. I took my parents' clothes and donated them. I packed until there was nothing left. I called the real estate agent and sold the house. I just realized I SOLD THE HOUSE!!! Where was I gonna go?? Great job Gabi. Then I thought, maybe he won't mind... Well he did offer so I bet he won't mind. So I called Niall the next day.

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