fall for you

17ear old Vanessa is forced to move to Detroit with her grandma after her parents died in a shooting. Vanessa falls into depression where she starts smoking and doing drugs. But what happens when that special someone changes her ways? What if its her new friends dad


2. new school

I woke up around 7 and got ready for school. I went downstairs for a quick breakfast and grandma drove me to school. Once I got there I went to look for my classes. I found my first one and went ibside. There were some students in there but not alot. I handed the teacher my slip and he directed me to my seat. I sat down as the bell rang and more students walked in. A guy with light brown hair and sparkling blue eyes looked at me and smiled. He came my direction and stood infront of me. "Hey I'm Kyle captain of the football team you must be new here?" "Yes I'm Vanessa." I said he took my hand and placed it near his lips where he kissed it and let go. I blushed as he sat on the seat infront of me. By the time it was lunch I was hanging with Halie and Sophia. We were eating our lunch when Kyle and his friends come up to us. He looks at me smiles. "Would you guys mind if I stole the beauty from you guys?" He askes them. They shook their head and took my hand and we walkes off. We went to the patio where we kept flirting with eachother. At one point we end up kissing for a while and stopped once the bell rang. He walked me to my class and gave me a kiss before walking off. I guess this new move isn't gonna be bad after all.
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