fall for you

17ear old Vanessa is forced to move to Detroit with her grandma after her parents died in a shooting. Vanessa falls into depression where she starts smoking and doing drugs. But what happens when that special someone changes her ways? What if its her new friends dad


1. New City

Vanessa pov I had just arrived to my grandmas house. The air blew into my hair as I rang the doorbell. I heard footsteps and then the door opened. There stood my grandma with a smile on her face. She gave me a hug and welcomed me in. I was also greeted by blue her grey pitbull. I sat on her couch and blue laid in my lap. I petted him before I got up and went inside the room that would soon be mine. I unpacked my bags and settled in. My grandma walked in and handed me some papers. "Whats this?" I asked looking at the papers. "Your new school schedule." She said. I sighed and sat on the bed. I hated school. It was a big room full of fake bitches. Later on during dinner my grandma invited the neighbors over. A girl named Sophia with her friendHailie. After dinner we got to know eachother better. We learned that Im gonna go to the same school as them. " I love your eyes they're so cute." Hailie said to me. People are always tellimg me that they love my eyes. They're just hazel brown nothing special. I thanked her and smiled. They left to their house. I went upstairs where I took a shower and went to bed. In my dreams I saw my parents.
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