Simply amazing (1D fan fic )

19 year old Viviana has a rough life . She lives with her 18 year old sister and her abusive mom . What happens when she runs into 5 lovely boys at her uncles restaurant and starts to become close to them . Will she fall in love and get out of the horrible place she is now or will she be kept back . Read to find out

Enjoy *Includes sexual content , violence , and harsh language * read on your own responsibility


11. Chapter9

Harry's pov 

I woke up on the couch . I remember from last night and how Viviana was not well so I let her sleep in my room .

I went up to check on her . When I opened the door she wasnt there . 
"Viviana! " I called ...
No answer ... 
"Viviana ! " 
About a minute later she walks in but she had a towel on and her hair was wet . 
She must have took a shower downstairs . 
"Omg Harry . Umm .. " 
" ohh sorry ill get out ." I said 
" it's fine . Umm just stay but turn around . " 
I turned to face the wall but turned around to ask her a question .
" wait do you need -  " she screamed and covered her body  "harry ! " she giggled "Ohh god ! Sorry ! " I laugh 
" nice body , by the way . Can't wait to see it underneath mine " he laughed 
" oh my god Harry !" She laughed 
" okay you can turn around now ."  
I turned around and she was wearing a strapless floral print dress that went to her middle thigh . It was gorgeous especially on her . 
" wow " I said .
" your mom gave this to me . She's so nice " she smiled looking in the mirror 
" you look stunning " I smiled 
" aw harry . " she blushed 
She turned around our bodies touching and our lips just inches apart . 
" so I was thinking .." She walked towards the bed . " we should go for a walk around London . You can show me around ?" She looked at me . 
" I'd love that . Just let me get ready ." I said walking towards her and giving her a kiss on the cheek . 

~later ~ 
" ready " I say waiting outside the bedroom door . 
" me too " she said opening it 
Her hair was curled in a ponytail an she had light makeup on . Her light pink heals and sweater to match with the dress . She was beautiful . 
' Ugh ! Harry your not supposed to be doing this . You arnt a relationship kinda person ! ' I thought to myself as we walked out of the house . 
" so where to first ?" She asked 
" I want to start off at the park down the street . It's amazing ." 
We walked down to the park just talking about random things and taking random pictures . When we got there I walked her over to this big willow tree down this path . 
" wow this is amazing . How did you find this place . " we layed down on a blanket . 
" well when I was little , I used to come here to think and to play . When my dad died I came here and would always see him . I also had my first kiss here . " I explained .
" how cute ." She smiled 
" I didn't know your dad died ." She said sitting up and taking in the scenery . 
" yeah when I was 7 " 
" I'm so sorry " she said .
" well things just happen for a reason  ." I smiled 
" Tell me more about yourself " 

Viviana's pov 
" tell me more about your self " he said . 
How do I explain my shitty life .
I don't want to cry not now . But whatever .

" well my dad died when I was 12 , I have an abusive mother with a terrible boyfriend . My sister and I plan on getting out of here soon And I want to become a photographer . " 
" wow . Sorry about your dad and your mom treating you like that . that sounds awful . and being A photographer . That's good . " he said 
" yeah it's what I love do -" I saw a flash not to far from our area . 
"Shit ." He cursed and got up . 
" C'mon lets go " he held his hand out . I took it and we ran . The paps were following . 

~at the house ~
" I . Think . We. Lost. Them. " he said panting 
" c'mon lets get insi- " the door opened . 
" what happened ?" Anne asked 
" the paps ." Harry said walking in . Me following 
" again .. Ugh those people never give you some privacy . " she said 
" I know mum " 
" you too hungry ?" She asked 
" oh Anne I'm fine thanks " 
" oh I insist . I made some pasta . Here have some ." She sat us down at the table and served us . 
" oh Anne this is amazing ." 
" really ? " 
" of course " 
" I still make it better " Harry murmured . 
" oh  sush Harry . " she laughed .
" it's only the truth " he smiled 

~ after dinner ~ 
Harry drive me home and walked me to my door .
" well I'll see you later then ." I said walking up the steps and standing infront of him . 
" yeah . Hey how bout you come with me and the boys tomorrow after you visit your sister . " he smiles 
" where are you guys going ?" I asked 
" we have an interview then we can all just hang out at Lou's " 
" alright then " I smile 
" goodnight viv " he smiles and kisses my cheek . 
" night harry ." I walk in and shut the door . 
My back is against the door and I smile . 
There's something about him . 
I just don't know what it is .
But I think it's making me fall I love again . 
And I don't think I'm scared of it . 

Harry's pov 

When she closed the door , I sat on a step and smiled . 
I know that I shouldn't be doing this . It's wrong . I'll break her heart . I'm not a relationship kind of guy. But it's something about her that keeps me wanting her more . I think I'm in love . And Im terrified  . I could lose her for one mistake . And I'm scared . 

sorry if I haven't updated . I've been busy and I didn't have time too . But I promise I'll try and be faster on updating . C; okay well buh-bye lovelies <33

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