Simply amazing (1D fan fic )

19 year old Viviana has a rough life . She lives with her 18 year old sister and her abusive mom . What happens when she runs into 5 lovely boys at her uncles restaurant and starts to become close to them . Will she fall in love and get out of the horrible place she is now or will she be kept back . Read to find out

Enjoy *Includes sexual content , violence , and harsh language * read on your own responsibility


9. Chapter7

Harry's p.o.v

While I was tickling her I noticed her giggling it was very adorable. I don't know what it is about her that makes me smile 
Mabey it's the way she smiles or her laugh 
Or mabey it's her eyes and the way the shine 
Or mabey it's everything about her 
There's just something about her 
And I know that if I have her now I can't lose her 

I kept tickling her and tickling until my foot slipped and I landed on top of her 
I smirked and started to lean in and I noticed she did the same thing 
Our lips brushed against each other when my door opened . I jumped of quickly and sat next to Viviana . It was mum she was home a little bit early then I expected .
"Mum . What are you doing back from work early . You usually come back at 12 . What happened ?" I ask hoping she wouldn't ask about what we were doing . I mean from the looks of it , I would be suspicious about it .
" we'll they sent me home early . They didn't need much help so they let me go now then at 12."
" oh well mum meet Viviana my friend . She's uh staying tonight is that alright ?" I asked hoping she would be ok with it 
She looked over at Viviana and walked over 
Viviana stood nervous and held her hand out 
"Hi I'm Viviana but you can call me viv if you would like most people do " viviana introduced herself shyly 
" hi I'm Anne Harry's mum . It's lovely meeting you . And don't worry Viv you can stay as long as you need to sweetie ." Mum said with a smile .
" I am going to make a call to my mom and I'll be back just gonna let her know I'm staying ." " ok sweetie " 

Viviana stepped out of the room 
And mum turned to me with a smirk 
"Soo are you sure your just 'friends' because from the looks of it when I walked in ,doesn't seem like just 'friends'" she asked with her eyebrows raised 
"Oh umm she is just a friend just a little tickle fight mum , what do you think we were doing ?!" I asked wide eyed .
"Look I'm going to get some sleep you guys goodnight . " she said and kissed my cheek "night mum " she went down the hall to her room and Viviana walked in . Tears in her eyes .
"Oh my Viviana what's wrong love ." I asked worried while hugging her 
She just sobbed even more . I sat her on the bed with me and let her get some tears out some more . That was til she spoke . " I have to go my sister is in the hospital .  She's on life support." She cried some more .
"Oh my god Viviana here lets take you to the hospital ok " I said grabbing her jacket and putting it on her . I quickly told mum and grabbed my keys .
We got to the car and rished to the hospital . 

Viviana's p.o.v

After I introduced myself I went outside to talk to mom . 
I dialed the number and it started ringing . She picked up and it sounded like she had been crying . "Viviana *sniff* I was just about to call you ." 
"Mom what's wrong ?What happened?" I asked worried 
"I know your with your friend but you have to come to the hospital your sister stopped breathing and collapsed . Please hurry " when I herd this I instantly started to cry . " I'll be there soon ok " we hung up and I went back to Harry . Once he saw me he comforted me I kinda took it as a suprise . I never was comforted like that . The smell of him and the comfort of his hug soothed me . Once I stopped I told him . And he instantly took me over to the hospital 
I really do hope she's ok . 

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