Simply amazing (1D fan fic )

19 year old Viviana has a rough life . She lives with her 18 year old sister and her abusive mom . What happens when she runs into 5 lovely boys at her uncles restaurant and starts to become close to them . Will she fall in love and get out of the horrible place she is now or will she be kept back . Read to find out

Enjoy *Includes sexual content , violence , and harsh language * read on your own responsibility


8. Chapter6

Viviana pov

While watching the movie I noticed Harry yawn and put his arm around me . Wow he's cheesy . I giggled and asked "Are you sleepy ?" ,"no in fine ." He said while looking at me with a small smirk .

When the movie was over it was really late ." Uh I should get going its already 10 and I don't want my mom to get angry ." I said grabbing my stuff . Harry quickly grabbed the things out of my hand and started taking them up stairs . " hey ! Come back here ! " I yelled chasing him . We ended up in his room after a little chase around his huge house . I was tired . " what are you doing trying to go home and wake your mum . Just stay here she won't mind . " I sighed " Harry- " I was cut off by him speaking " please " he whisper/begged . I thought for a moment . " ok fine , but if I get beat , I blame you ." 
"Trust me,i won't let that happen " 

" I have nothing to put on for bed " I said 
He threw me a pair of basketball shorts and a t shirt 
" thanks this will do " I smiled 
" I'm going to the restroom ,be right back ." 
" alright love" wow what? I'm no ones love . I tossed what he said to the back of my mind ignoring it . 
Once I was dressed and freshened up I came out only to see the curly haired boy wasn't there . What the hell?
I went downstairs and saw him in the living room on the couch with his blankets 
" um Harry what are you doing?" 
I asked confused.  " I'm sleeping here tonight . " "uh no your not I am ." I demanded 
" hell no I am not letting you sleep on the couch. Are you crazy ."
" are you crazy I'm not gonna just barge and take control of your own bed and room . Please just got get sleep ." 

"Ok I will right here " he said and shifted to sleep . " no way I'm letting you sleep uncomfortable alone ." I grabbed a pillow and blanket and layed on the other couch next to the one he layed on . " what are you doing !" He groaned 
" I'm not letting you sleep here alone ." I said 
He got up from where he was and walked over to me . He hovered over my little body and reched his arms out to grab me . He lifted me over his shoulder and started walking up the stairs 
" Harry!! Ahh!! Put me down !! " I yelled /giggled
He only kept walking til he reached his bedroom . Once we were in he threw me on the bed and started tickling my 
I started laughing like crazy 
He laughed as well 
" this is punishment for not listening !" I giggled and he smiled 
He started to tickle me on my sides 
When his foot slipped and  he fell on me . He kept going til our faces were really close when we both leaned in . Our lips brushed each other 
But then the door opened .

A/N : Hey guys sorry I took long I've been super super busy but I hope you like the chapter 
Have a good summer I'll right mor hopefully soon 
Love you guys 

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