Simply amazing (1D fan fic )

19 year old Viviana has a rough life . She lives with her 18 year old sister and her abusive mom . What happens when she runs into 5 lovely boys at her uncles restaurant and starts to become close to them . Will she fall in love and get out of the horrible place she is now or will she be kept back . Read to find out

Enjoy *Includes sexual content , violence , and harsh language * read on your own responsibility


7. Chapter5

Viviana's p.o.v 
"She almost killed us" I told Harry suddenly his face was frozen in shock "what?" He asked in disbelief "it's a long story " I said " please tell me " he whispered " 


"Mom!" I called from downstairs "mom. Are you here " no answer ." Ok then " I said to myself . I started walking up the stairs when I heard yelling and thumping from down stairs 'help!!!!' I heard my sister scream .i dropped my school bag and started fast walking around the whole house trying to find them .my house was pretty big but I managed to find them . I pressed my ear against the garage door and heard the same scream again . 'Please stop mom you hurting me !!' 'Shutup you worthless price of -' I slammed the door open to see my mom beating my sister "mom!!!WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!!!" I ran to my sister and grabbed her out of my moms grasp . I started to walk out with her when I felt my mom grab my arm and spin me around " WHERE ARE YOU GOING WITH HER . SHE DESERVES THIS PUNISHMENT !" She yelled at us "what did she ever do to you but try and help you with you constant drinking and drugs ! All you ever care about is you and that stupid shit !! . And your so called boyfriend !! I heard  he slept with another girl ! Yeah wouldn't blame him since your such a fucking bitch !! I wish we weren't ever your child !! " once I said that I wish I hadn't . Her hand flew across my face and smacked me so hard I swear I flew a little and then hit the floor . By this time I was crying my eyes out . " you know what! Both of you wish you weren't my child them fine !! You don't deserve to live !! You guys are both worthless !!!" She screamed grabbing a knife " MOM PLEASE DON'T !!!!" I screamed. I  got up and grabbed my sister . I ran out and ran upstairs and put her in her room "stay here and don't move ok "she nodded and I closed the door and walked down stairs to see my mom in the kitchen " there you are " she said walking towards me holding the knife " mom please I'll do anything just stop . Ok I'm sorry " she walked closer and stopped right I front of me " don't ever talk to me like the way you did. Got that ! Now let me teach you a lesson " she said I backed up til my back hit the wall and she stepped closer grabbed my shirt lifted it up and cut my stomach . I screamed in pain while it was cutting me . She finished and left me there on the floor crying and holding my stomach . I was lucky it wasn't too deep and I could just pach it up . My sister ran down and saw me bleeding she grabbed the first aid kit and cleaned me up . 


I was now sobbing and Harry was holding me " I'm so sorry "he said  we sat there in silence for a while until I finally spoke "why don't we watch the movie now " he nodded in response and put it in . "Hey Viviana do you want to get snacks " he asked "sure " I headed to the kitchen and started to get some things to eat while we watch the film when I feel to arms wrap around my waist . I feel hot breath on my neck and turn around to see Harry staring into my eyes . J do the same when I notice both of us leaning in . I didn't stop it and when our lips met I could feel sparks it was an amazing feeling . Our kiss was very passionate and I was getting deeper and deeper . His tongue licked my bottom lip for entrance and I let him in . He picked my legs up and sat me on the counter . He started tugging at the end of my shirt when I stopped him ."what's wrong ?" He asked looking frustrated ."I'm sorry it's just I just met you , we are already kissing and I'm not ready for sex it's just a little too much for me . I'm sorry " I looked down " it's ok I understand . We should just go watch the movie now ok " he said lifting my chin so I could look at him " ok" i said as I jumped off the counter . We went back to the living room and started to watch the movie . 

A/N  Wow guys that was intense well I'm sorry I haven't updated I have been busy but yeah im also sorry its kinda short but I will write more later alright love you :) <3  

                                       ~Viviana >.<~

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