Simply amazing (1D fan fic )

19 year old Viviana has a rough life . She lives with her 18 year old sister and her abusive mom . What happens when she runs into 5 lovely boys at her uncles restaurant and starts to become close to them . Will she fall in love and get out of the horrible place she is now or will she be kept back . Read to find out

Enjoy *Includes sexual content , violence , and harsh language * read on your own responsibility


3. Chapter2

When I got to work my uncle already checked me in . Thank god he knows everything or else I would have been in trouble . It was really packed so I got straight to work . Today I take orders so It won't be to hard . I took most of the orders and things were getting done fast . I made it to my last table of 5 very attractive boys and took there orders . I was taking the last boys order when our eyes locked . He had breath taking emerald green eyes and his hair was so perfect . The way they curled he was beautiful . I know it's weird saying that but you don't always see men like that . We both snapped out of our moment when one of them waved there hand in front of our faces . "Oh I'm sorry , what would you  like ?" I quickly took his order than went to get it done . 

Harry's p.o.v 
She was so beautiful . Her blue eyes and the way they sparkled under the light and her smile when she blushed for staring to long . I don't know what it is but I have to talk to her and get in her knickers definently .shes to beautiful to leave alone not pleasures . " what was that about ?" Lou asked "sorry I was just ...umm.. " " you like her don't you lad" Niall asked wiggling his eyebrows "ohh her ..umm I guess she's alright " "sure , 'alright' " Lou said "you guys were staring at each other for like a whole minute .if we wouldn't have stopped you we would have been here all night " Liam said . We all laughed "that's not true ." I stated "yes it is . If you like her ,after dinner ask her if she wants to get coffee tomorrow or just give her your number " zayn said " unless you just wanted to bang her like the others ." Lou blurted out "NO ! " I yelled causing the people around us to stare " sorry " I said " it's not like that this time " I whispered " it's to soon , she seems to innocent .i need to get her to want it first " I said and they laughed "there's the Harry we know " she soon came back to give us our food and I couldn't stop thinking about how amazing she will be in bed when I have her . 

A/N sorry for another short chapter but I will soon be writing more . Alright guys thank you for reading and hopefully I am doing good . Like I  have said before comment how I'm doing ok guys goodnight 

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