Simply amazing (1D fan fic )

19 year old Viviana has a rough life . She lives with her 18 year old sister and her abusive mom . What happens when she runs into 5 lovely boys at her uncles restaurant and starts to become close to them . Will she fall in love and get out of the horrible place she is now or will she be kept back . Read to find out

Enjoy *Includes sexual content , violence , and harsh language * read on your own responsibility


6. A/N

Hey guys ... Well It might take me a while to update because I'm really sick and don't feel we'll but I'll try and write as much as I can . It might be short though . Sorry . Anyway I love you guys and thanks for reading . I seriously can't believe that I have 105 views .wow ! :) ok well I'm going to get some sleep so goodnight all you directioners . Man I love my kind .haha I wish all directioners could just get together and we could like have a 1D party haa >.< alright well gtg 


Remember to keep your head up and smile , don't let anyone bring you down because you are honestly better then them . :)  

~Viviana >.< ~

love you guys <3

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