18th century diaries

Inspired of the love story between all relationships throughout Vampire Diaries, specializing in Caroline Forbes and Klaus Mikaelson.


1. I couldn't.

I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I never did. He always stayed in my mind as well as the feeling of his gentle touch. The feeling of his powerful, big hands towards my fragile bare skin that my gown allowed to be shown was a never ending memory which still belonged to the haunted thoughts of mine.

And even though he wrote me tons of love letters and melted by the sight of me, he never lost my respect for him. He stayed the strong, reasonable man that he was without my presence. No one ever dared to look down at him, even though his love to me was clear to every blind man on the streets. Every single one of his men stayed truthful to the magnificent leader that he was, because once I turned my back on him, he straightened up, shook his head and made his every minute count.

And that is why I truly miss him. His company in my room, despite the young ladies watching our every move, felt so comfortable and safe. Even though he created death in front of a thousand of eyes, I never felt the need to be watched when he was around me. Roles were switched when he was around, and my guardians became my enemies as well as he became my savior.

His heart was without doubt in a lack of respect for human kind and the value of life, but my every breath meant the world to him, as I paid him my attention and made him grateful for my beating chest. I remember his infinite look when my corset fell off and revealed my living existence. He said nothing nor did he move, but I knew, truth be told, that to him my life, my protection was worth more lives than the Earth could ever contain.

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