18th century diaries

Inspired of the love story between all relationships throughout Vampire Diaries, specializing in Caroline Forbes and Klaus Mikaelson.


2. Funny how memories...

Funny how memories who once were happy milestones of your life, can break your heart when remembering that time. To visualize his strong eyes upon my flawless, young face made the burden of my chest heavier.

My hands were shaking when he grabbed them and killed the distance between us. Though I should have kept my mind in the moment we shared, I could not stop thinking about my hairs structure and whether my smile should seem shy or confident. I was thankful to the Lord and my ladies for having me wear my greatest gown by this summer evening. My corset felt comfortable, and I knew my womanly body shapes were appreciated by him.

I watched his every move carefully through my long, dark eyelashes as my face was pointing down to appear elegant and unattainable. This made me think about how every breathe of mine was a planned game between the woman I was, the woman I should be and the woman I could be for him.

With just one single look at the ladies joining us by the door of my room, they got his message and rose from their chairs with grace and left us by ourselves. Now I suddenly felt safe when I probably should have feared for my freedom. Then he did the most unpredictable movement ever written in history. He removed his hands and left me untouched. He stood up with all his power and straightened his spine as he asked for my hand by reaching out his. I put my long feminine fingers in his hand and let him drag me into his personal space.

And as we danced all night, lacking music and just the slightest sign of a melody, he started humming into my ear, through the thick curled hair of mine. And before he finished off this beautiful lullaby I somehow felt addicted to so suddenly, he turned me around, having his strong arms around my waist and putting his lips closer to my neck. He stopped humming and whispered so softly: “I will follow you into the dark.”


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