Where it all began

Zaynn!! where are you im scared (I say as I walk around the house for him but nothing only dead silence) Zayn im serious if you don't come out im going to call mom (as I yell louder still nothing as I stand in the living room and I see someone walk from the kitchen to up stairs) Zayn I just seen you im not retarded (the doorbell rings and I jump and go to answer the door and I couldn't believe who was standing there) "Z-Z-Zayn I thought you were in the house" I asked still confused "No I went out an hour ago" he responds "b-b-but then who was that person I seen in t-t-the kitchen and run up the stairs
*Read to find out what happens next*


1. The beginning

Hey im Nia and you'd think think that im a normal teenage girl well think again my brother is in this band  One Direction yes my brother is the Zayn Malik and I haven't met the other boys yet because they don't know I even exist and I like it that way because I prefer to stay hidden I don't want people being my friend just because of my brother I haven't even told my best friends Autumn, Chanel, and Alexis yet and don't plan on it anytime soon and since me and my sister Donya keep ourselves hidden from the whole brother in a band thing whenever my friends come over they always ask if we have a brother and were always like yeah but he's super busy so we try not to bother him but I miss him so much and him and the boys our staying at our house for their break ehh im so excited I haven't seen my brother in like 6 months (I soon realized ive been standing on the stairs for quiet some time now so I walk the rest of the way and go into the living room) " Hey mom" Yeah sweety "what do you think the boys are going to do when they see me"  They'll love you don't be worried you'll be fine "What if they don't but okay mom im going to bed its getting really late" Okay goodnight "Night mom" (I walk up the stairs to my room and was just about to fall asleep when my phone buzzed from the night stand ughh) *Text Convo*

Auti-Hey can I come over im really bored Me-Umm no im sorry its just that I have family stuff tomorrow Auti- Its okay well night pretty princess Me- Night Angel *End of Convo* ugh I wish she could come over but my brother and my friends are like the biggest 1D fans and I hate lying to them but I cant worry about that right now "Night Donya" Night Nia (soon after after I fell into a peaceful sleep not wanting it to end)

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