Where it all began

Zaynn!! where are you im scared (I say as I walk around the house for him but nothing only dead silence) Zayn im serious if you don't come out im going to call mom (as I yell louder still nothing as I stand in the living room and I see someone walk from the kitchen to up stairs) Zayn I just seen you im not retarded (the doorbell rings and I jump and go to answer the door and I couldn't believe who was standing there) "Z-Z-Zayn I thought you were in the house" I asked still confused "No I went out an hour ago" he responds "b-b-but then who was that person I seen in t-t-the kitchen and run up the stairs
*Read to find out what happens next*


2. Say What?

*Next Day* "Mom" Downstairs honey "Comingg"  (ugh my hair is a mess and im still wearing my bunny slippers and pjs ugh ill just fix my hair, as Im walking down the stairs the doorbell rings) "Ill get it mom" Donya yells Okay mom yells back (I just stand on the stairs waiting to see who's at the door ) "Zayn" she yelled and hugged him  "ZAYNNNN" (I yelled and I ran up to him and jumped on him "I missed you too" Zayn says as im still rapped around him and the one with curly hair speaks) Okay am I the only one confused here Curly said I think his name is Harry "We are" the other 3 boys said " Wow she's hot" Niall whispered to Harry "I know right" Harry said back also in a whisper "Well she's mine I call dibs " Niall whiper/yelled "Nuhh uhh I call dibs" Harry whined

*Nia's P.O.V*

"Wow she's hot" i heard the one I believe his name is Niall "I know right" Curly i think his name is  Harry whispered back then they just started calling dibs wow they really suck at whispering but i know there talking about Donya "She probably goes out with Zayn" Niall whispered "Oh yeah" Harry said "Umm Zayn so is this your girlfriend" Niall said sounding disappointed "Eww what no im his sister" i said back jumping off of Zayn just out of shock "SISTER!!!" they all screamed in unison " umm was i not suppose to say anything yet" i said "No they were going to find out sooner or later" Zayn said "Im so confused " Louis said "well come in and we'll explain it to you then" i say to the boys "Okay" they all say "Okay before you do, do you guys always talk in unison or is it just me?" i asked very confused "Not all the time only sometimes though so does that answer your question" they said in unison again "Okay that's gonna get annoying but yeah just come in " okay so now we have a lot of explaining to do so here we go....

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