Where it all began

Zaynn!! where are you im scared (I say as I walk around the house for him but nothing only dead silence) Zayn im serious if you don't come out im going to call mom (as I yell louder still nothing as I stand in the living room and I see someone walk from the kitchen to up stairs) Zayn I just seen you im not retarded (the doorbell rings and I jump and go to answer the door and I couldn't believe who was standing there) "Z-Z-Zayn I thought you were in the house" I asked still confused "No I went out an hour ago" he responds "b-b-but then who was that person I seen in t-t-the kitchen and run up the stairs
*Read to find out what happens next*


4. Run away

*Niall's P.O.V*

When i hugged Nia she was talking but i don't think i was suppose to hear it but i did and is she really falling for me?and soon Zayn interrupted us "Okay guys first my sisters are off limits" he said "WHAT? WHY?" Nia yelled at Zayn did she really like me i think she does yaay in your face Harry but after she said that Zayn said that none of us like her and then she said some stuff and stormed off "Bro you shouldn't have said that it was a little harsh" Harry said "Whatever none of you like anyways" Zayn said "Dude you don't know that because some of us do" I  said while whispering the last part

*Nia's P.O.V*

How could he say that to me he doesn't know how they feel heck he doesn't even know how i feel because i do like Niall wait wait i like Niall yeah i do and i don't care what he thinks but i just had to get my mind off of this so i left to the only place i could

*Liam's P.O.V*

Did you hear that i said, Hear what? they said back

It was the front door i think Zayn said, ill go check Niall said

*Niall's P.O.V*

I went to the front door and opened it to see Nia running

 down the street to who knows where "Where are you going i tried to yell after her " i tried to yell after her but she was too far away "Don't go" i whispered and went back into the house trying not to show how i was truly feeling  


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