Where it all began

Zaynn!! where are you im scared (I say as I walk around the house for him but nothing only dead silence) Zayn im serious if you don't come out im going to call mom (as I yell louder still nothing as I stand in the living room and I see someone walk from the kitchen to up stairs) Zayn I just seen you im not retarded (the doorbell rings and I jump and go to answer the door and I couldn't believe who was standing there) "Z-Z-Zayn I thought you were in the house" I asked still confused "No I went out an hour ago" he responds "b-b-but then who was that person I seen in t-t-the kitchen and run up the stairs
*Read to find out what happens next*


3. How could you say that

*Niall's P.O.V*

Okay so after they explained everything that Nia and Donya were his sister's i was relieved i still had a chance with Nia but harry always get what he want  and right now he wants Nia

*Nia's P.O.V*

"Okay so im not to familiar with your names so can you introduce yourselves "Well im Harry love" he said as he stuck out his hand "Oh please we give hugs in this house" soon enough everyone introduced themselves except Niall but he finally got up and gave me a hug but his hug felt different i don't know how but it just did wait am i falling for him?

*Zayn P.O.V*

When Niall went up to hug my sister they hugged longer than usual and i seen the look mon Nia's face she's thinking about something does she like Niall Oh No she doesn't "Okay guys first off my sisters are off limits"

"WHAT? WHY?" Nia yelled at me "Don't yell at me its not like any of them like you" i said back to her "H-h-how could you say that to me you don't know what they think like seriously  ugh you annoy me i hate you Zayn Malik



*Should i continue with this story? id like to hear what you think also in the comments and will Nia ever forgive Zayn we'll never know if you don't say anything well byee*

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