She Don't Like The Lights

This story is about a girl that is dating Justin Drew Bieber it is a new relationship but she does not like the paparazzi. And she doesn't know what to do. Because she doesn't like all the fame and the flashing lights.


1. Everything is going to be alright

Justin I can't handle all these lights, rumors drama and hatred. I don't know what to do. I love you to much to throw us away. I said to Justin. Baby I know, I feel the same way sometimes but when my beliebers do it it doesn't bother me but the lies and drama from the poparazzi gets to me to. But it's okay we will be fine.  I promise you everything's going to be alright. He said to me. Then he started to sing. across the ocean across the sea. I'm starting to forget the way you look at me now. Over the mountains across the sky need to see your face and need to look in your eyes.  Threw the storm and threw the clouds. Bumps in the roads and were up side down now. I know it's hard babe to sleep at night. Don't you worry... Cause everything's going to be alright. Ight ight ight. See babe. He sad to me and kissed my for head and said I love you. I started to sing one of his songs that was my favorite because I sing good. There's nothing like us there's nothing like you and me together threw the storm then I stopped he looked at me into my eyes and said your so beautiful and so is your voice. I'm so lucky to have a girl like you. He kissed me on the lips. Later that night we went out to go out to dinner. I was dressed in a baby blue dress with a white bright diamond necklace  we went to a fancy new resterant. Right when we got out of the car. There were pictures being taken I hurried and ran inside justin payed the people to lock the people out and close the curtains and just have me and him alone in there. So he did.  We had a great time. We share a brownie chocolatie dessert. When we got home we enjoyed a movie and popcorn. It was a very scary movie so I snuggled up to him. With my purple fuzzy pajamas on. I had my hands rapped around Justin's stomach. I then felt his abs on my arm. So I rubbed my hands up and down his abs because. They were attractive . Oh  Rylee you like my abs huh? He looked at me and winked. Yes I do I said.'then he took off his shirt and I laid my on them. After the movie was done we went to bed. We cuddled. And then fell aspeep in the morning I woke up and look to the side and justin was not there so I got up when to the kitchen and he had pancakes, eggs, fruit, orange juice and of course bacon. Suprise babe justin said to me. Awh thanks babe I said and kissed him. I ate and so did he. I said thanks you to him. We then went to the living room to check the news. We turned it there and there were pictures, drama and stories all about me and Justin's night.  LIKE AND FAVORITE THIS BOOK AND MY OTHERS FOR MORE OF THIS STORY. 

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