The Voice

Coda Keys is an extremely talented music student. She plays many instruments, but saxophone, guitar and keyboard are her favorite. She has gone to a boarding school in Southern California since 6th Grade but her junior year is about to get crazy. 5 hot guys, 4 new best friends, 3 new instruments, 2 new roommates, and 1 voice. The voice hidden behind the wall.


2. Meeting The Girls

I took my room key from my pocket and shoved it into the mishappen keyhole. I turned it and the door opened. There were no girls inside of it yet, so I called the biggest bed. Everyone placed my stuff down and I said my goodbyes. In less then 5 minutes everyone was gone. I began to search through the various boxes that lay on the floor. I put up music posters from every genre. From Demi Lovato to Blake Shelton. They were all hung up on the wall behind my bed, so the whole wall was covered. There were 3 desks, so I suppose I have 2 room mates. I put my DJ equipment onto the desk. I took y guitars out of the cases and my keyboard from the box and stood them in their stands. I made my bed with my red comforters and continued decorating. I hung up hanging lights around my area. I was really pleased with how my dorm looked, exactly like my bedroom, all the way in Washington.

Then, the door opned. The same girl my brother was drooling over sipped in. She had many suitcases trailing behind her.

"Hey!" She exclaimed in a very peppy voice.

"Hi! It is awesome to meet you. I am COda Keys, and I am here for music," I explained.

"That is such a cool name. Coda. I am Andrea Wright. You can call me ANdy though. I am here for sports!! What instruments do you play?" she asked as she walked to her bed and began to decorate the smaller bed with posters, and mostly softball and soccer stuff.

"I DJ and play guitar. I have an electric and acoustic," I said while revealing my two guitars. The acoustic was a dark brown, with the signature of one of my idols, Paul McCartney. Yep, I got Paul McCartney's autograph! My electric was bright green all over and was super sparkly. The strings were actually light blue! "I play piano and saxophone too." I picked up my sax case and revealed my bright and shiny sax.

"That's cool."

"What sports do you play?" I asked.

"Oh, just softball, soccer, track and feild hockey. I can also figure skate."

"That is amazing.No wonder you are so fricking skinny!! She grnned. I plopped onto my bed and grabbed my acoustic guitar again. I strummed a few notes, just playing around. Then, someone else entered the room.

"Hey!" She exclaimed. She had straight, thin blonde hair, which was in a low ponytail that went down her back. She was wearing small glasses. SHe had a super tiny figure. She brought in her suitcases and walked towards the smallest bed.

"My name is Paige Roberts! I am here for academics!"

"Awesome! We have a smart person! I am Coda Keys, and I wish I was smart. I am here formusic."

"And I am Andrea Wright, but you can call me Andy. I am here for sports!" We all smiled. I knew these girls were awesome. Paige began to unpack everything. We heard a small knock at the door. I ran over and opened it. 2 more girls were standing there. Both looked Spanich, except one had BRIGHT blue eyes.

"Hi! I am Diana Cruz!" The one exclaimed.

"And I am Hannah Ramirez," I the blue eyed one explained.

"We are your neighbors,"  Diana said.

"Awesome to meet you! I am COda Keys! Come in!" I led them into the huge dorm. Paige and ANdy ran up.

"Hey! I am Andy!"

"And I am Paige!"

"And I'm Hannah!"

"And I am DIana!" We all laughed.

"Do you guys want to take a little tour of the campus with us?" Hannah asked.

"Sure!" I exclaimed. "Just let us get cute and stuff! We will meet you at your dorm!"

"Okay," Diana said. I ran over to my toiletries bag and grabbed my brush. I brushed through my wavy hair and put it in a high ponytail. I grabbed a clip- on black bow and clipped it to the ponytail. I grabbed a black, lace cardigan and slipped it over my red tank, and I put on black shorts. I put on a pair of red, wedge sandals. I looked over and the girls were all dressed.

"Let's go!" I exclaimed. They followed me outside the dorm. I locked the door. We knocked on DIana and Hannah's room. Hannah opened the door, and they stepped out.

"On ward!" Andy exclaimed. We laughed and stepped inside the elevator. We rode down, laughing. We stepped out of the elevator and into the lobby. Many girls were crowded around a TV, looking at a MTV special. I have never been into that kind of stuff, like Teenage Pregnancies and stuff. I rolled my eyes. We stepped outside into the warm California air. We began to scope out all of the people and buildings. Then, we walked past a group of guys. They were all tall and tan and.... gorgeous. One had dark brunette hair and blue eyes. His hair was swooped to the side. He looked over towards me. In the split second we made eye contact, I felt a shiver down my spine. The guy winked. I looked at my feet and blushed.

"ooh COda! He was staring at you," Andrea said. I just grinned.

"He was really cute," i said really quietly. Andrea noded.

"Did you see the one with the black hair that was all up? He was so ot!" She exclaimed. I laughed. I didn't even noticde the others. ALl i saw was the brunette one. The group of guys began to walk beside us. There were 5 of them.The brunette one, the black haired one, and then a guy with dimples and long, curly hair. Then, one with adorable blue eyes and blonde hair. The final one had a brown buzz cut and big brown puppy dog eyes with a cute birthmark on his neck. All of them were incredibly hot.

"They are really hot!" Hannah said. We all agreed. We just sped up, continuing on with the tour. We passed many buildings and ended up grabbing lunch at a pizza place on campus.

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