The Voice

Coda Keys is an extremely talented music student. She plays many instruments, but saxophone, guitar and keyboard are her favorite. She has gone to a boarding school in Southern California since 6th Grade but her junior year is about to get crazy. 5 hot guys, 4 new best friends, 3 new instruments, 2 new roommates, and 1 voice. The voice hidden behind the wall.


1. Coming to School!

Coda's Point of View

"Dad, just calm down!" I exclaimed. I looked towards the passenger seat, where my dad was practically hyperventilating. 

"Don't worry Coda. Your father is just a bit, frightened, that's all. It's not everyday when you are dropping off your child at boarding school," My mom explained.

"Mom, you have been doing this since 6th grade!" She just chuckled. The car came to abrupt stop and I threw the door open and skipped out. I opened the trunk and began to unload all of my music equipment. That comes first!! I had a case for DJ equipment, 2 guitars (Acoustic and electric), a keyboard, and my personal favorite, a green personalized saxophone with my name engraved in the bell. I received that from my mom for my 12th birthday. I unloaded all of my other suitcases and boxes and stuff. My whole family began bringing up the stuff, including my 11 year old brother, who is going here next years. We walked up the cement steps and looked towards my dorm.

"Here it is!" I exclaimed excitedly. "Carder Hall!" My mother smiled.

"Excited Coda?"

"Yeah! I have 2 new dorm members too! It is sad that Tanner and Nicole graduated, but I am up for the adventure." My dad grinned. We carried the stuff to my room. We entered the air conditioned building. It was mid summer, we didn't have school for a month. There were already anxious girls running around. I just ignored the ones by the elevator, who were talking about their nails. My mother scoffed and pressed the button. It dinged and we entered. I pressed the dark 9, making it glow. I was on the top floor. The elevator ride was silent, except for my brother blabbering on about some hot girl he just saw. She had bright red, curly hair and big glasses. She was extremely skinny and was wearing shorts that barely covered her whole butt.  It dinged again, signaling we were on the 9th floor. We all piled out and made our way to room 9L....


Sorry it is short! Just s small, introduct thing!

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