Nothing's Fine,I'm Torn

{The boys are not famous yet they may be later on or in a sequal}

Vanessa has been bullied everyday for as long as she can remember.She has no protector or friends. She feels lost & hopeless with nowhere to turn. But one day that all changes! A story of love & dark secrets!Read it all in "Nothing's Fine i'm Torn" out now!


7. ~Chapter 6~


  (A/N This chapter is for Write.Live,Love <3)





        I ignored them hoping they wouldn't come in. Then I heard my phone beep. I looked at it and saw it was a photo of me covered in slushie. I threw my phone to the floor. A sudden knock to my door followed by someone saying, "Nessa? Can I come in love?"


    "Go away Harry!" I didn't really yell but I didn't say it normally either. I tried not to cry as I said it."Please Nessa?" He said. "No" I responded. He sighed leaving. A moment later Zayn walked in without knocking. 


    "Ness, Whats wrong?" He asked sitting at the end of my bed. I sat up. "Harry" I said dully. "What about him?" He asked curiously. I put my hair in a messy bun. Before I could say anything he grabbes my wrist. He had tears in his eyes when he said, "Why Ness?" 


    "Harry that's whats wrong! He cheated on me with Lucy I saw!" I cried my voice breaking. "H-he promised he would never hurt me. He broke it" I added.His phone beeped and he checked it. He stared wide eyed as he showed me the picture, "What happened?!" 


    "I was walking to lunch when Cindy came up and threw a slushie in my face. T-then I ran to the loo where i saw L-Lucy pressed up against H-Harry who was pressed against the wall" I explained. Without warning he left and then I heard yelling and moments later brought Harry up here. 


    I scooted back. "No go away" I said trying to get away from him. "Look what you did Harry" Zayn said sadly walking out. "Zayn, no come back!" I yelled for him. "Nessa hear me out" He started. "No! While you were snogging with Lucy I got a damn  slushie in my face Harry!" I said. "You promised me! You promised!" I yelled crying. 


    He tried to give me a hug but i stood up backing away from him. "It wasn't what it looked like" He argued. "She kissed me!"


    "That's what they all say!"


    "No i'm telling the truth love i promise."


    "You already broke your promise!" "You didn't push her away! You kissed back!"


    "Nessa it was a mistake! she came up to be and pinned me against the wall I kissed back for a second then i pushed her away i swear!"


    I looked at him hesitantly


    "I even got puched by your brother come on. Please. I's take it all back if i could!" He paused. "


    He walked up to my grabbing me hand. He touched my wrist gently. "Nessa" He said his voice cracking." 


    "No get out!" He stayed where he was.


    "Out Harry! Go! I don'y need you!"  Zayn and Liam came through the door pulling him away.


    "Nessa please!"


  I shook my head closing the door behind them. Zayn punched him? I layed down drifting into a deep sleep.




    ~Harry's POV~(Surprised you there didn't i?! :O)


    Zayn and Liam pulled me out of her room saying, "Harry mate, That's enough" I sighed in frustration and pulled out of their grasp. I sat on the couch and huffed.


    I'm so stupid! How could I do that to her! I didn't mean to though. She'll never take me back. All the lads were looking at me with worried faces. "I'm just going to go now" I said standing up. "See you tomorrow" I added. I got a chorus of 'okay's' And went out the door walking home. 


    I knew exactly what i was going to do. I was going to write her a song. 


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