Nothing's Fine,I'm Torn

{The boys are not famous yet they may be later on or in a sequal}

Vanessa has been bullied everyday for as long as she can remember.She has no protector or friends. She feels lost & hopeless with nowhere to turn. But one day that all changes! A story of love & dark secrets!Read it all in "Nothing's Fine i'm Torn" out now!


6. ~Chapter 5~



    ~skipped to Monday cuz im lazy :P~



    I woke up and went to go shower. I did my thing and changed into my udergarments then put on blue skinny jeans with pink flowers on them then wore a think dressy button up shirt with a collar. 


    I woke Zayn up then made him breakfast and ate half a granola bar. I grabbed my phone and started walking to school. I couldn't wait to see Harry even though i spent the entire weekend with him. I had a weird feeling something bad was going to happen today but shrugged it off.


    I got to the front steps and saw Harry smiling at me. I smiled back and walked up to him. He took my hand pecking me on the lips. We walked to our lockers and I opened mine. I grabbed my bag that i had left on Friday. Harry kissed me and of coarse i kissed back.  "why are you with this worthless excuse for a human" Someone spat. I turned around to find Lucy. 


    "The only worthless thing here is you Lucy" Harry spat back.  She laughed. "You will be mine one day Harry" she purred putting her hand on his chest. He pushed it off and she just smirked walking off.  I suddenly closed my locker walking to class not speaking a word.


    Was she really right? Would he really be with her? No, he wouldn't do that to me. Would he? I pushed away those negative thoughts when someone gently grabbed my forearm. I turned around to see thosse big green orbs that make me melt every time I see them. 


    "You don't really believe what she said, do you?" He asked. "No" I mumbled. "Nessa" He said pulling me closer. "She's just being Lucy. There's nothing she can do or say that will make me leave you. I promise that I will never ever leave you." He finished pulling me into a hug, kissing the top of my head. I smiled at him pulling away. 







    I was out of class to lunch when something cold,wet,and icy hit my face. I gasped in surprise and opened my eyes to find one of Lucy's minion's, Cindy, holding a big gulp cup which i'm now guessing was a slushie. "Courtesy of Lucy." She smiled walking off in her tight cheer leading outfit. Tears sprung at my eyes but I blinked them away. 


    I walked into the direction of the girls loo. I was almost there but stopped dead in my tracks when I saw Lucy pressed up against Harry who was against the wall next to the girls loo.They were kissing,practicly sucking each others faces off.  This time I let the tears fall freely. I ran to the school doors pushing them open and running out. I don't care if people saw or were laughing.


   How could he do this? How could he promise me that then break it the same day!? I knew it was to good to be true. I ran home and burst through the front door. I ran up the stairs throwing my door open. Throwing my bag to the floor I rushed into my loo. 


    I rummaged through the drawers and found what I was looking for. My blade.  I stared at it for a few seconds before sliding across my forearm,making four new cuts. It hurt but in a split second i felt relieved. I washed the blade and stripped all my clothes off getting into the shower. I did my routine and changed into this leaving my hair damp. 





    After I did that I cleaned my cuts and wrapped gauze around it. I checked the time and saw it was 2:30 pm. School was now over, which means all the lads will be here soon. I closed my window and door and layed in bed. I put my ear buds in and put my Ipod on shuffle. 


    I didn't fall asleep but I did think. Alot. 


    Could I ever forgive Harry? Did he even care about me? He probably lied. And I believed him. It was to good to be true.


          And that's the moment I heard the door open and 5 very familiar voices.










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