Nothing's Fine,I'm Torn

{The boys are not famous yet they may be later on or in a sequal}

Vanessa has been bullied everyday for as long as she can remember.She has no protector or friends. She feels lost & hopeless with nowhere to turn. But one day that all changes! A story of love & dark secrets!Read it all in "Nothing's Fine i'm Torn" out now!


4. ~Chapter 4~



    He nodded and they went back to eating. Except for Zayn who finished a slice and said, "Vanessa can i talk to you in the kitchen for a moment?" I nodded following him to the kitchen. 


    "Are you not eating again?" he asked seriously 


     "kind of"  


    "Kind of? Vanessa this is serious you need to start eating. Tell Harry he'll help you"


    "No! don't"


    "If you won't then I will."


     I left it at that and walked back into the room.  "Well i'm knackered guys i'm gonna go to bed" I fake smiled. Even though it was only 10:00 pm and I heard a scattered amount of okay's. I walked up the stairs brushing my teeth then laying in bed. Putting my phone to charge i lay on my side.


    About ten minutes later my door opened and I felt the bed sink next to me. I turned on my little lamp them turned so i was facing them. I saw it saw Harry.  He had allot of emotions on his face. Anger,sadness,sorrow,confusion,sympathy? I couldn't really tell. Before I could say anything he looked me in the eyes and said, "Are you anorexic?"


    "Zayn" I muttered sitting up and him following my actions.  "Yeah" I whispered tears brimming in my eyes. "Oh Nessa why?" He said hugging me. I hugged back. We pulled away and he wiped my tears away with his hands. "I don't know why you like me. I'm just a fat,worthless,ugly,waste of space." I said not looking into his eyes. 


    It was silent, then he moved my head so i was looking at him with his fingers. I could see that he was crying. It broke my heart to see him like that. 


    "Your're not fat, you're perfect. You're not worthless, you're the most important person in the world to me. You're not ugly, you beautiful. You're not a waste of space, you're wanted by people who love you. I like you because you're not afraid to be yourself around me. You're beautiful,amazing,breath taking,perfect,smart the list goes on. Don't let other people tell you otherwise." He said looking into my eyes. 


    "Let me help you." He pleaded. I nodded wiping his tears away. He smiled a little when i agreed. I leaned in kissing him. He kissed back right away. We pulled back gasping for air. Both smiling like mad. I yawned not realizing it. "tired?" He asked. I nodded. He kissed my forehead saying "Go to bed love".


    I nodded laying down. He was about to get up but I stopped him saying, "Stay with me?". He smiled nodded. Before he lay down he took his pants and shirt off. He still had his boxers on. I didn't mind. I looked him up and down biting my lip which was a habit and blushed a little. I hoped he didn't notice but he laughed and said, "Like what you see love?". I blushed furiously. 


    He laughed again laying next to me. He pulled me closely to him so our chests were pressed against each other. With that we fell asleep.




    I woke up the next morning to hushed voices. "They look so cute! "Someone exclaimed. "don't wake them" another said. Then I heard multiple clicks most likely from a camera. I cuddled closely to Harry. "Aww!" they all chorused. I groaned waking up fully. "See you woke her" I heard. I opened my eyes to find all lads except Harry infront of my bed. 


    I tried to sit up but Harry pulled me back down saying, "Don't go love" in his morning voice that was just....can't even describe it.  The the lads started jumping on us saying "Wake up love birds!" I guessed they noticed harry without a shirt because Zayn said, "Oi! Harry you better not be naked!". I giggled sitting up. "We're up" He said in his morning voice also sitting up. 


    They got off the bed and Harry pulled me into his lap. "You guys are to cute" Niall gushed. "Yeah" they all agreed. "Look" Said Louis showing me a picture of me and Harry sleeping. Half of me was on top of him and my leg was around his waist and our legs tangled together as my head lay in the crook of his neck and him hugging me tightly. 


    "cute, Send it to me" I said. It really was cute. "Well we'll be downstairs" Liam said. We nodded. "Morning love" harry said once they left. "Morning" I replied. I turned around so i was facing him. I giggled and said, "I quite like your morning voice". He looked amused then cleared his throat. "Really" he said but it was gone. I pouted. He laughed. "I'm going to go take a shower." I said getting up. "Can i come?" He winked. 


    "Nope" I smirked walking into my bathroom. I did my routine and wrapped a towel around  my body. Walking into my room where Harry was now gone I put on my underwear. I then changed into  ripped high waisted jean shorts and a white floral crop top that looked like a bra but was a few inches longer. Most of my stomach was exposed then i put on white sandals.


    I went to my vanity mirror and brushed my hair that was still damp. Then i put on a little eyeliner. Grabbing my phone i made my way downstairs. The lads were in the kitchen but in different clothes.  Zayn say me and said "Isn't that a bit to revealing?" reffering to my outfit. I shrugged. 


    I sat at the counter checking my phone. I had a message from Louis that had the picture. I set it as my wallpaper. Harry sat a plate of eggs and toast in front of me. He looked at me with a pleading look. I did say i would try. I grabbed a fork and took a bite of my eggs. Harry looked happy. 


    Then I took a bite of my toast but I guess my stomach wasn't used to having food because after i swallowed i needed to vomit. "Excuse me" I said quickly getting up and running to my bathroom. I knelt over the toilet vomiting my stomach out. I felt someone pull my hair back. Harry.


    I really didn't have anything in my stomach so i was really vomiting acid which trust me, isn't pleasant. I finished and sat on the tile with my head in my hands. "I'm trying Harry I really am." I cried. "I know you are. It's alright." he said. I opened my eyes and stood up. I brushed my teeth really good and rinsed my mouth out with mouth wash. "Its not alright. This isn't healthy" I replied. 


    "But you're trying your best." he said. "yeah, i guess you're right." i said. "Thank you Harry, for everything" I said hugging him. "Anything for you love" He said hugging back.



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