Nothing's Fine,I'm Torn

{The boys are not famous yet they may be later on or in a sequal}

Vanessa has been bullied everyday for as long as she can remember.She has no protector or friends. She feels lost & hopeless with nowhere to turn. But one day that all changes! A story of love & dark secrets!Read it all in "Nothing's Fine i'm Torn" out now!


3. ~Chaper 3~



    "Harry I left my bag in my locker" I said. "You don't need it this weekend" He urged. "Fine" I gave up. As we were walking to my house he asked, "Why did you run off after I kissed you". I shrugged.


     He sighed. "I like you I really do" He added. "I know and I do to I guess I just ran off because I was scared." I said. "I won't hurt you." He said seriously. I smiled and kissed his cheek. We got to the house and I opened the door. Why does Zayn never lock it?


    "I'm gonna go change into something more comfortable." I said. "Can I come?" He smiled cheekily. "Nope" I said and ran to my room. I changed into cheerleading shorts which are very short and a tank top and then I put my hair in a messy bun.


    I heard other voices so i'm guessing the rest of the lads were home. I looked in the mirror and saw bruises all over my arms and legs that were now visible since my make-up came off. Then I saw the scars on my wrist. Why would Harry like someone like me? I'm fat. too fat. I though as I looked at my stomach. 


    Laying on my bed I thought for a while before Harry came into my room and lay next to me. "Hi" I said. "Hey,come downstairs the lads are here." he responded. "But i'm tired." I fake whined. He smirked before grabbing me and throwing me over his shoulder. "Nice shorts by the way love" He says smacking my bum. I gasped. "Harry put me down!" I said giggling while hitting his back.


     "No can do babe" he said walking downstairs. He threw me playfully on the couch. I'm guessing the lads were in the kitchen. Then he started tickling me. "Z-Zayn somebody help!!" I yelled giggling. The lads walked in and I was able to escape so I ran behind Zayn. 


    "Help!" I giggled. He moved aside and Harry grabbed me laughing. The other lads were almost on the floor laughing. I pouted at Zayn and he shrugged laughing. After a while the laughter died down and Harry let me go. "What did you guys order?" I asked. "Pizza" they all responded at the same time.


    I realized I forgot to cover up my bruises. I ran upstairs without saying anything. I could hear footsteps behind me, one of them probably went after me. I went in my vanity mirror and sat on the little bench. The ones on my legs weren't that visible so I was okay there. 


    Then I looked at my arms and saw more visible ones. The I saw one that looked like a hand-mark. I then remembered that's the one Harry gave me earlier today. Harry then walked in and saw me. I grabbed a brush and put foundation on it. He looked at my arm. "D-Did I do t-that?" He asked. I didn't answer. Next I covered all my bruises up with the foundation.


    He sat on my bed. "Did I do that?" he repeated. I nodded. A tear slipped from the corner of his eye. I wiped it away with my thumb. "I'm sorry Vanessa,i'm so sorry" He said. "Shh, stop saying sorry i know you are." I comforted him. 


    I engulfed him in a hug wrapping my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck.  He hugged back tightly. After a while we pulled back and smiled. "You know those shorts are teasing me" He smirked. "Oh hush" I giggled.


    "We should go downstairs before the lads get any ideas" He said. "Okay, Wanna give me a piggy back ride" I asked while batting my eyes. He laughed before nodding. I climbed onto his back wrapping my legs around him while he held my thighs in his arms for support. 


     I kissed his cheek from behind laying my head on his shoulder. He down the stairs and when he got to the bottom I said, "Okay you can put me down, i'm kinda heavy.". "nope, you're perfect." He said. I sighed in defeat. We went to the sitting area were the boys were.


    "Now will you let me down?" I asked. "Fine" he replied letting me down. "Is there something going on between you that we missed?" Zayn asked looking at us. I looked at Harry. "Nope" he said slowly. He sat on the couch. Zayn nodded not believing him. The other lads didn't look convinced either.


    The door bell rang pulling us away from out thoughts. "I'll get it" I said while walking to the door. I grabbed the money on the front table then opened the door.There stood the pizza guy. He wasn't that bad looking either but nothing compared to Harry.


    He looked me up and down before winking at me. "Hello sexy" he said making me feel uncomfortable. "erm hi" I said. "Can I have your number?" he winked. Before I could respond Harry came up behind me and grabbed the pizza boxes roughly handing him the money before growling, "She's taken" and slamming the door in his face. 


    "Aww is little Haz jealous?" I teased. "Yep. You're mine and only mine" He replied walking into the sitting room. "I don't know when I agreed to be yours" I said following him. He set the pizza down. "Fine, Vanessa will you be my girlfriend?" He asked. "hmm yes" I smiled hugging him. "And you said there was nothing going on between you guys" Zayn smirked. We pulled away and looked at him. I giggled while Harry shrugged innocently. 


    The rest of the lads just laughed. They dug in eating the pizza. "Are you going to eat some love?" Harry asked looking at me. I shook my head and said, "Nah, I'm not hungry, but thanks for asking."

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