Inside The Dome

Life inside a dome,doesn't sound much fun? Well thats all that Jaylen has ever lived. Or trapped as should would call it. No way out of the dome.No way in. There was a world outside of hers,but not one person had the courage to go that far to see what it was like.


1. Chapter 1

     Chapter 1

            The ouside was peaceful. Children playing, wind blowing, birds chirping,but that was on the outside.On the inside was where there was people rushing to their homes, hover crafts passing the wondering people on the street, yet this was a normal day inside the dome. Jaylen wanted something more. More than the dome with the same boring things happening all the time. She seeked a diffrent world with that in mind she drowned herself into fairy tales.


             Jaylen was talking through a comm with her best friend,Jayy. Everyone in their school belived that they were dateing until she kissed his friend. Of course Jaylen said sorry after that but no one belived that the kiss was true. More like planned. "Hey Jayy" Jaylen said speaking into the comm screen mic," Whatcha doing?" Jayy whispered as if he was in a room full of people not wanting anyone to hear. "Nothing much but I was wondering if you wanted to go to the edge of the city?" "Sure meet me in the caverns in 10."


              The caverns were a dark place. They used to be apart of the everyday city life. They were said to be filled with dark magic, but Jaylen and Jayy didn't belive in that sort of stuff. Both of them came in at the same time at diffrent sides of the caverns. "Jayy?" Jaylen yelled. "Over here!" He said as he put his light on the floor "So we are finally alone." "Yeah" Jaylen responded, "So what do you want to do before we go to the edge?" Jayy wrapped his arms around her waist and hers around his neck, "I was thinking a little this." There in the caverns they were alone and no one could see if they did rumors would pop up everywhere. Jayy kissed Jaylen. Of course they were together,just secretly.




A/N: Hey guys! I hope you like the first chapter. I am so sorry if there is anything not spelled correctly I am really rushing. So leave in the comments below wht you think. Like, Fav, and Fan. Bye my kittens and other people that read!



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