Little Did We Know

Jane Evans, a normal junior in high school, practically raises her little brother, until one day when a famous celebrity finds them and takes them in. Jane ends up falling for one of the celebrity's clients, Harry Styles. Will their love blossom or fail?


6. Why?

Jane's P.O.V

I turned over, getting uncomfortably caught in my sheets. I barely opened my eyes to see the clock at my bedside table.


Oh shoot! I have to be at school in 10 minutes

I leaped out of bed, tripping on the clothes I wore on my date last night, which I had just casually thrown on the floor.

Man, the date. I could honestly say, it was the best date Cordelia has ever set me up on.

I slipped on my silk butterfly shirt and the first pair of jeans I could find. Quickly running into the bathroom, I glanced at my face. Ah! I had mascara smeared under my eyes. I snatched my makeup remover and took all makeup off my face.

Guess I was too excited about today, I had forgotten to take my makeup off last night.

Slowly putting on my new mascara and rubbing lip gloss on my lips, I saw my hair out of the corner of my eye. It was still slightly curled from last night. I threw it up into a ponytail, letting any loose pieces fall by my face. I ran into Mason's room,

"Come on buddy. We have to go off to school. We are already late and we don't need mom yelling at us."

He slowly got up out of bed, as if he was half asleep. I helped him slip on pants and a shirt from the drawers by his bed. He ran to grab his backpack and brush his teeth.

As he did that, I leapt downstairs and grabbed a banana, one for Mason and one for me. I peared over to see my mom on the couch. I was in complete shock. Not just because she was home, but because there was someone else with her. He was a pretty well built man. He had ginger hair and scraggly facial hair to match. My mom hovered over him on the couch, totally making out with him. In utter disgust, I ran upstairs and grabbed Mason. We booked it to the door and out into the car. I took a moment to breathe, then proceeded to start up the car.

"Sissy, u ok?" Mason kindly asked me.

"Yes." I lied.

We sped to his school, making him only 5 minutes late to class. Then I arrived late. At least it was only first period. Making my way to the attendance office, Mr. Margret glared at me, asking for my name and reason I was late.

"Mason got sick." I said quietly.

"Again? Really Jane, you have to come up with a better excuse than that. You have used that one way to much."

"It's true."

"Well, if he gets sick that much, then maybe your parents should take him to the doctor."

"Like they would do that," I mumbled, just so she could barely hear me.

"What was that Janie?"

"Its Jane, and aren't I suppose to get to class now?'

"Actually you are suppose to get to class when everyone else gets here. At 7:00 am??" She questioned, adding an evil grin.

"Yes mam. I will work on it."

"Now get to class. First period."


I walked toward my first period, Franklin.

Of course, I knew right away I would get hell for being late, before opening the door I took a breath and prepped for embarrassment.

"Ahh, Jane. Nice of you to join us." Here it goes...

"Sorry I'm late. Mason was sick."

"Well tell your brother to get better so you can be to my class on time."

"I will try sir."
All of a sudden, I heard a voice come from across the room. A familiar voice.

"Her brother isn't sick. She's lying. I babysat her brother last night while she went out. He was fine then."

It was Bryce.

"Is that true Miss Jane?"

"Yes, but-"

"So don't lie to me. Were you at home this morning? Or his home? "


"Jane. Don't raise your voice."

"I swear Mr. Franklin. Really, he woke up feeling sick this morning and I gave him medicine and took him in late."

"Sit down Jane. I want to see both you and Bryce after class."

I made my way to my seat. I glared over at Bryce to see him looking at me, then quickly looking away, hoping I hadn't caught him staring."

Why the heck would he do that me? Throw me under the bus? Sure he was telling the truth, but he really made everything more complicated for me. Now I am in trouble once again. I haven't really ever gotten in trouble till this week. Why would my best friend do this to me? I thought we would always help each other out..

Class was sadly over and Bryce and I made our way to Mr. Franklin's desk, where I had been the day before.

"Now, Bryce, was what you said true?"

Bryce spoke up, looking nervous. "Yes sir."

"Jane, is that true?"

"Yes sir."

"I think there is some unspoken tension going on between you two and I would recommend seeing the school counselor."

"No sir! That is not necessary." I said.

"Really, you don't have to do that sir," spoke Bryce.

"I have already made up my mind. You two will be going to speak with Miss Jamie today after school."

"Ugh." We both said at the exact moment.

"Happy attitudes you two. See you both tomorrow and make sure you get tonight's homework done or we will be talking more tomorrow."

The second he was done talking, I stormed out of the room, slamming the classroom door in Bryce's face. I heard him come out a couple moments later.

"What was that for JJ?"

"What do you think that was for? Oh I don't know, maybe the stupid stunt you pulled today during class?"

"I had to say something."

At this time, I stopped walking and turned around, meeting him face to face.

"Now why was it so important to say something?"

He stared deep into my eyes.

"I just did."

"Well, I guess we will just talk about it more in counseling today won't we?" I snapped, flashing a fake smile then walked away.


Bryce's P.O.V

As she turned the corner from walking away, I grabbed the binder in my hand and threw it on the ground so hard, all my papers flew everywhere. My hands flew over my face, covering my eyes, then slowly brushing them through my hair.

Why was I such an idiot? Why did I even freaking say that? I totally screwed up our relationship.

Actually, really its not my fault. Its his.

That Niall kid. He is after my Jane. To change her, say he loves her, then break her heart and send her back to me crying. That's what the last guy did to her and I can't let that happen again.

It hurt me so much to see her so broken.... not again, not again....

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