Little Did We Know

Jane Evans, a normal junior in high school, practically raises her little brother, until one day when a famous celebrity finds them and takes them in. Jane ends up falling for one of the celebrity's clients, Harry Styles. Will their love blossom or fail?


1. Love is Stupid

Janes POV

 "But Jake, come back please. I love you."

"Mary, you know that we aren't meant to be together. You have known for a long time."

"Please, I don't know how I will go on without you....don't leave me."

"Goodbye Mary. For good."


I quickly turn off the TV. Sick and tired of the typical love story, come on. Two strangers meet and fall in love at first sight, then they go through a series of hardships and break it off, then they something wonderful happens and they get back together, get married and have a ton of kids. Boring.

It seems as if every story goes that way.

To me, love is like the wind. It creeps up on you, softly, to where you barely feel it at first. Suddenly it hits you and it sends you flying in all directions, unable to control yourself. One touch sends shivers up your spine. You feel really alive for once. Then just as quickly as it came, it vanishes, never planning on returning again.

I had loved once. Little did I know he would leave me, broken hearted, crying for days. After Michael had crushed my soul, I swore I would never be so stupid and naïve again. To this day, I have kept my promise. Shutting any guy that comes close to me out of my life. In fact, ever since Michael, I have pretty much shut everyone out of my life. Family, friends, people in general.

It would take a lot to gain any trust back.

Today, 10 months ago, Michael had asked me out on our first date.  A date to the movies. We were going to see "Trapped", a movie about a group of spies trying to escape enemy lines on which they had been held captive.  It was a dumb movie, but I remember having a great time, just because I was there with him. That was the first time he kissed me. That was the first time he ever held my hand. How I loved him then...

I quickly turned my thoughts from him. I couldn't think about him again. It was done. It was over.

Why did I love him? What was so special about him?

I checked the clock.

2:00 AM

Had I really stayed up that late? Ouch!


Instead of thinking of Michael, I grabbed my headphones from my nightstand and rested them in my ears. A small rectangular light lit up the room. I shuffled through my slow songs. I decided on "A Team" By Ed Sheeran.


"And they say, she's in the class A Team

Stuck in her daydream

Been this way since 18

Slowly sinking, wasting

Crumbling like pastries........."


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