Little Did We Know

Jane Evans, a normal junior in high school, practically raises her little brother, until one day when a famous celebrity finds them and takes them in. Jane ends up falling for one of the celebrity's clients, Harry Styles. Will their love blossom or fail?


3. Leighton Park High

Jane's POV

"JJJAAAAANNNNNNEEEEEE," I heard someone scream down the hallway.

Of course, without looking at the face, I knew exactly who it was. Cordelia. I turned around just in time for her to give me a big hug and almost tackle me to the ground.

"Well hello to you too love!" I exclaim as I use her to balance myself before I fall.

"Aren't you excited?" she said to me, finally calming down.

"For what?"

"Double date tonight!! You didn't forget did you?"

"Of course not!," I said with a smile on my face.

OMG. I totally forgot. Cordelia did stuff like this all the time. Even though I was never looking for a guy, she would set us up on double dates. I think honestly, she just didn't want to be left alone, in case the guy she was set up with isn't all she hoped and dreamed for. I usually just chatted with the guy and made it clear by the end of the date that I was not interested, which I had to admit, didn't go over well sometimes. I honestly don't like these kind of things, but it gets me out of the house and away from my drunk and crazy mum. So I don't mind too much.

As we walked to 1st period together, I asked her, "So who are these guys we are meeting up with tonight?"

"Jane, you know I like to keep these things a surprise!"

"But Delia, I don't like surprises!"

"I know. But trust me. I didn't set you up with a total loser. But of course, I get the hotter one."

"As always..."  I mumble softly.

"What?" Cordelia questioned.

"I mean, you always get the hot guy. And last time, I got the computer geek who drooled on his napkin and wouldn't shut up about this robot he has spent 4 years building. And you got his hot, muscular twin brother who was a football player. I don't exactly trust you anymore to pick the good one for me."

"Ok, so that time WAS kind of bad, but you aren't even looking for a boyfriend, so what does it matter to you?"

"Good point."

"And plus, you are much better at dumping than I am. You know how to make them walk away without crying."

"Thanks Cordelia," I replied sarcastically.

"Ok, well I will see you at break k?" Cordelia said as she slowly walked away.

"Got it!"


"Ok!" I yelled before making my way to Mr. Franklin's Class. Yay, time for biology.


"So, who can tell me who came up with this idea, "Matter can not be created or destroyed?" Mr. Frankin questioned the whole class.

"Newton. Issac Newton," Sally (a.k.a Walking Encyclopedia) answered confidentally.

"Correct." said Mr Frankin. "Glad someone has been doing the reading."

I sat there quietly, trying so hard to stay awake. I sit in the back row, so if I fall asleep it isn't a huge deal. My hand rested gently upon my cheek, while my elbow leaned against the table. Man I was so bored. I kept thinking about my date tonight. Wonder who the guy was this time. Does he go to the school? Do I know him? How does Cordelia find these guys? Well, she is a lot prettier than me, so she can get pretty much any guys attention. That's how. What should I wear? Who I am gunna get to watch Mason while I'm out? I look down at my phone and quickly pick it up. I scroll through my contacts, looking for someone who can watch Mason.




Bree......out of town

I stop as soon as I see the contact. I know exactly who to ask.

Me: Hey Bryce. You free tonight? Wondering if Mason can stay at the house for a couple hours while I go out with Delia. That ok?

Bryce my brotha from anotha motha: Ya I free. I'll be glad to watch him.:)

Me: Thanks so much! Means a lot. My date is at 7 and I will probably be out till 9. That ookk?

Bryce my brotha from anotha motha: Ya. OOOOO JJ has a DATE??

Me: Chill out. Its just another one of Cordelia's set ups. I don't even know the guy.

Bryce my brotha from anotha motha: Oh...Got it:)

Me: Ya. I will call you about the details later. And make sure Mason is in bed by 8? And no sugary foods right before bed. And don't let him play video games the whole time. And ask if he has all his homework done before he does anything else.

Bryce my brotha from anotha motha: Calm down JJ. I can handle the kid. I got it under control <3

Before I could reply, someone snatches my phone out of my hand. I look up to see Mr. Franklin hovering above me. How long had he been there?

"Miss Evans, care to explain why you are conversing with others while my class is in session?"

"Sorry Sir. It was really important."

"More important than my class. I think not... Why don't we just tell the class who you were texting shall we?"


"OOOOO....its a boy! Class, it says, "Calm down JJ. I can handle the kid. I got it under control....HEART EMOJI!! Wow, this boy must really like you! Boyfriend?"

"No! He IS NOT my boyfriend. Just my best friend."

"He used a heart. I think we all know that he likes you. Who is this kid he is talking about?"

"That's none of your business now is it?" I say with a slight change in the tone of my voice.

"Oh! Attitude Miss Evans. I don't allow that in my class. And is this your kid? Is this boy the father?"

"NO! THE KID IS MY BROTHER OK???" I scream way louder than I anticipated.

"Well no need to yell Jane. I'm done. But I do want you to see me after class. Here is your phone back."

"Thank you," I say in the death tone as I rip my cell phone out of his frail, old fingers.

"And let that be a lesson to you all class to never text while I am talking."

*Bell Rings*

"Class dismissed."

I grab my bag from underneath the table and slowly approach Mr. Franklin's desk. He fiddles with a picture frame on his desk while he waits for the whole class to leave.

"Jane, I do not tolerate that kind of behavior in my class do you understand?"

"Yes sir. I understand."

"Now, you are a smart girl and I think you can do better than this. You have an A in the class, so I don't understand why you are slacking off. Is there something wrong at home I need to be aware of?'

"No sir."

"Well then, I do have to punish you. So, I need a 10 page report on how Newton's rules apply to the Theory of Evolution on my desk by the end of the week. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir."

"Well go on, I don't want you to be late to class."

I quickly walk out and push open the door. Freedom. How I hate school.


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