Little Did We Know

Jane Evans, a normal junior in high school, practically raises her little brother, until one day when a famous celebrity finds them and takes them in. Jane ends up falling for one of the celebrity's clients, Harry Styles. Will their love blossom or fail?


5. Date Night Part 2

Jane's POV

Niall pulled out my chair for me to sit down in then swiftly walked over to his. He grabbed his napkin and tucked it into the collar of his shirt.

"Where is the grub," he said in a funny voice and a cute, cheesy smile.

I started to laugh uncontrollably.

"Man, you have a cute laugh," he said looking at me with his huge blue eyes.

"Why thank you."

I wonder if he likes me? Well he barely knows me, and I might as well tell him the real reason I am here, and that I am NOT looking for a boyfriend. Although, he isn't too bad if I really think about it.

"So Niall, oh man, I feel totally awful, but I thought I should let you know that I'm not super interested in finding a boyfriend at the moment. I mean, the real reason I am here is because Cordelia over there sets us both up on dates because she doesn't want to go alone. And its not because I think you are a bad guy, in fact I like you, but I have been hurt before and-"

"Its ok. I totally understand. Jay doesn't like to go to these things alone either. I have been on a thousand dates where he has dragged me along. I mean, they aren't always bad, but I just haven't found my princess yet."

"Ok good. That makes me feel much better."

"So, if you don't mind me asking, why are you not interested in guys at the moment?"

"Well, the last one really broke my heart, so I am trying not to jump right into things if you know what I mean."

"Yes, I understand."

We were suddenly interrupted by the waiter bringing us our menus and getting ready to take our orders.

"I will have spaghetti please, with extra sauce. And she will have the same," said Niall, slightly licking his lips.

"Niall! I can order my own food you know?"

"Oh sorry."

"I'm kidding. Can I have spaghetti please?" I said, looking at the waiter with big eyes.

As the waiter walked away, I shouted at him "EXTRA SAUCE."

Niall started giggling. I swear he didn't stop for like 5 minutes. Man he was cute when he laughed.

While he was trying to pull himself together, I thought to myself. Do I really like this boy? I mean, I don't seem anything wrong with him. And I get this strange happy feeling around him. And when he laughs, the smile on my face gets 10xs bigger. Its actually embarrassing. Maybe I should focus on other people and try to get over Michael. That was the past and I need to move on. I wonder if he even likes me? He did say that he was here only cause Jay made him.

My thoughts were interrupted by Niall making a suggestion toward the direction of our conversation.

"So lets play a game shall we?"

"Sounds great. The restaurant is just about the right size for a game of football, but you would have to move the tables if you really want to play" I said, with a smirk on my face. I was well aware this wasn't the kind of game he was talking about.

"No silly, not that kind of game."

"I know. Just messing with you."

"Cheeky. I like you."

"I like me too."

Now he was really laughing. Here come the butterflies.

"So, back to what I was saying, how about we have to name different things about us. Like....hmm....tell me 5 facts about you."

I thought. 5 things about me. What kind of answers was he looking for? Positive or negative?

"Tick tock, tick tock," Niall nagged.

"Well, 1. I have a little brother named Mason, 2. I go to Leighton Park High School, 3. My favorite food is Nutella, 4. My favorite color is purple, and 5. My favorite singer is Adele."

"I will have to agree on Nutella. It is VERY delicious."


"So tell me a little more about Mason. What is he like?"

"Well, he is 5, almost 6 and in the first grade. He is really smart. He looks a lot like you actually. Blonde hair, blue eyes."

"Sounds like a dashing young chap."


"Doesn't look anything like you though?"

"Nope. Different dad."

"So stepbrother?"

"I guess you could say that, but his dad wasn't even around to see him born, so I don't consider him much of a father."

"And your mum?"

"Ouch, that's kind of a touchy subject."

"Oh, you don't have to talk about her if you don't want."

"No its ok. I trust you. Well, she's a constant drunk. Never home to take care of us. I have practically raised Mason on my own."

"Man, that has got to be hard. I'm so terribly sorry."

"Its fine."

"No, its not. She should be there to help you. And if you ever need my help, just let me know. Here is my number."

He pushed a slip of paper with his name and number scribbled in Sharpie.

"Don't loose that. Lots of girls would die to have what you have in your hand right now."

"Your number?" I questioned.


"Why? You a ladies man?"

"No, not exactly. I mean, I'm in a band. And I guess we are still sorta new to this whole thing, but we have at least a couple thousand fans."

"Wow, that amazing! Guess I'm going to have to fight to keep all the girls away from you huh?"

"Hah! Nah. They are nothing compared to you."

Man, this boy did things to me. And I had only known him for what? An hour?

"Well thanks. So what's the name of the band?"

"One Direction. Harry came up with the name."

"Harry? Who is Harry? A band mate?"

"Yup. Sorry, my boys are Harry, Liam, Zayn and Louis."

"Cool. I would love to meet them sometime."

"You definitely will. I'm sure they would love to say hello and chat with you. They are a great group of guys. And I would probably have to fight to keep them away from a pretty girl like you."

"I'm not that pretty. Trust me. You can do better."

"Jane, don't say that. You are gorgeous. Me or any other guy would be so incredibly lucky to have you as a princess. You are funny, smart, beautiful, great taste in food. What's not to like? Your incredible! I'm lucky to even be sharing the same table as you."

"I should be the lucky one. I'm sitting across from a celebrity."

"Really, please don't think of me like that. I don't want that kind of attention from you." Niall said, his eyes looking slightly down, as if disappointed.

"No, no. Niall, I love you for the crazy, cute, goofball you are. Not the singer. Got it?"

His smile grew and he looked at me with bright eyes.

"Thanks. Oh, foods here."


Niall's POV

So we ate the food quickly. And might I say, that was delicious. The meatballs on top were huge and fantastic. And extra sauce was a good choice.

Jane got up and went to the powder room for a couple minutes so I sat there scrolling through my phone, when I got a text from Zayn.

Bradford Bad Boy :3: How the date Nialler?

Me: Fantastic. This girl is amazing. Unlike any other I have ever met.

I put the phone away and fiddled with the napkin in front of me that was covered in sauce stains.

This girl is amazing. Almost everything I am looking for. Funny. Cute. Pretty. Everything. Maybe going on these dates with Jay wasn't a complete waste. Who would have known I would find someone like her. But I don't know if she likes me back. I can't just stop and ask her. And she made it clear she wasn't interested. So, I should probably move on.

I glanced over at Jay and Jane's friend Cordelia. They were making out over a bowl of salad. Typical Jay. Always gets the girl. I mean, Cordelia was pretty. But nothing compared to Jane. Nothing.

The thought of loosing this girl made my heart sink and drop to the pit of my stomach. I did like her. How could I not?

She walked back from the bathroom, seemingly in a hurry.

"I'm sorry, but we really have to go. I am suppose to be picking up my brother from the babysitters house at 9 and its 9:15."

"Ya, totally. Lets go." I quickly left the money on the table and a note saying thank you and walked away.

We walk toward Cordelia and Jay's table. I tap Jay on the shoulder, interrupting his makeout session with Cordelia. They both pulled away, looking slightly put off.

"What do you want?" Jay snapped at me.

"Keys. Jane here needs to go home to pick up her brother."

Jay tossed me the keys and Jane and I booked it out the door. We hop into Jay's nice Italian sports car. I have to admit, it made me feel a lot cooler to drive it. And I tend to drive faster in cars like this. I hope I don't scare Jane. She gave me the address to the house and we drove on over.

Once we got to the house, Jane insisted that I go to the door with her, so I followed. I knocked on the door and a short, but cute, blonde headed kid came running out and almost tackled Jane. If I wasn't there to catch Jane when she almost fell backwards, she would have fallen right on her bum. The kid, I assumed, was Mason. Hey, he is kinda cute. I looked down and smiled at the kid. He looked up and gave me the cheesiest grin ever.

"Hey, thank you so much Bryce for watching the little rascal," I heard Jane say, before looking up to see a brown haired guy about my age standing in front of the door. He had short brown hair and was wearing nothing but a white T shirt and boxers. Didn't this bother her? It was certainly making me uncomfortable. I glanced at her quickly. Her gorgeous face wasn't phased at all by this guys apparel. I was shocked.

"No problem. Who is this Jane?" I heard the boy, apparently named Bryce, ask.

"Oh sorry. Where are my manners. Bryce, this is Niall. My date. Niall, this is Bryce, a really good friend of mine."

I stuck my hand out and Bryce grabbed it. His grip was intense, leaving my hand sore and red. I could tell he wasn't a fan of me and possibly liked Jane.

I still gathered my wits and said, "Pleased to meet you Bryce."

Jane smiled at me. I think she liked a guy with manners.

"Well, I'm going to leave you two to go do your thing. Don't want to bother you," said Bryce.

"Bryce, its a first date, take a chill pill. See you tomorrow and thanks again."

The three of us proceeded to the car. When Mason saw the car, he stopped and his jaw dropped.


"Ya, hop on in." I opened the door for him, let him in, opened the door for Jane, then made my way on the other side of the car toward my seat.

"Ready kid?" said, looking back toward Mason.

"YYYEEEAAA!" he screamed.

"Hey, you talk funny," Mason commented. I just laughed. How much cuter could this kid get? Must have gotten it from his sister.

Mason and Jane talked the whole way home. They talked about what Mason did at Bryce's house and it was really cute when Jane explained to Mason what a date was like.

When we reached the house, I walked them both to the door. Jane unlocked it and told Mason to go straight to his room and get on his PJs.

We both stood at the door, waiting for Mason to retreat up the stairs.

"Thank you for the wonderful night and taking me home and picking up Mason," she said, in her beautiful, flowing accent.

"It was really no problem. And you really were a wonderful date. I would love to do it again sometime."

"Well, I have your number, so I will give you a ring maybe sometime tomorrow?"

"Sounds great."

We both waited for a second. Without thinking, without considering what might happen, we both leaned in. I felt her lips against mine and I kissed her. A thousand fireworks went off in my sole when she kissed me back. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. This girl was amazing, and I am in love with her.

We both reluctantly pulled away. Still only inches away from my face, smiled. Then walking to her door, thanked me again. She closed the door. I heard her heels walk up the stair. I shuffled to the car, still in awe of what had just happened in only a few hours. I turned on the engine and drove back to the restaurant to pick up my friend. I smiled and hummed the whole way home. This girl was special.


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