Little Did We Know

Jane Evans, a normal junior in high school, practically raises her little brother, until one day when a famous celebrity finds them and takes them in. Jane ends up falling for one of the celebrity's clients, Harry Styles. Will their love blossom or fail?


4. Date Night Part 1

Janes POV

(3:00 pm)

"Hey Mas! How was school buddy?"


"Oh my goodness. Why??"

"I got this," he says as he turns around to show me a huge bruise surrounding his left eye. His eye was purple and swollen.

"Mason Evans, how on earth did you get this?"

"Well, I got into a fight."

"Mason, how does an almost 6 year old like you get into a fight when you are only in the 1st grade?"

"Eric Derkling told me that Santa delivered presents to every kid in the world in one night. I told him he was stupid and that Santa wasn't real and could never do that. That was when he pushed me on the floor and punched me."

"Now Mason, I know you never believed in Santa, but you don't need to go and ruin it for someone else ok? But I'm not mad at you. Well did you at least punch the kid back?"

"Ya. I kicked him real good. Right in the nose, so hard it started bleeding," he said between small giggles.

"Well, that will teach him not to mess with you. But from now on, no more fighting ok? You got to learn how to use your words and I don't want you to get in trouble for hurting a kid do you understand?"

"Yes sissy."

"Now what do you say we stop and get some ice cream on the way home?"

"YAY," Mason cheered, doing a little happy dance in his booster seat.


I walk in the house carefully, trying to see what damage could possibly been done to the house since mom was stuck in here all day. I sent Mason up to his room while I checked out the house.

When I walk in, as I see is a broken vase shattered across the floor and a dent in the wall where she had obviously thrown it. I shuffled over to the pantry where we kept the broom and started sweeping.

There was no sign of my mother in the house. Oh well, good riddance. Wonder where she could have gone off too. Maybe she had sobered up enough to go out and go do some shopping for a change. But then again, she could be out getting attacked, or hit by a car. I mean, sure she pisses me off sometimes, but she is still my mother and I do care about her. Maybe I will take a drive around later and look to see if I find her anywhere.

After I cleaned up the mess, I decided to skip doing homework and hop straight on my laptop. I quickly pulled up Tumblr and scrolled through my dashboard. Reblog this. Queue that. Like that post. Suddenly, my stomach rumbled and I figured I should go downstairs and get some food. I searched through the pantry and didn't find much except pretzels and some Nutella. So I retreated back to my room and fiddled around on my laptop. I dipped my pretzels in the Nutella as I put on some music.

I heard my phone vibrate and quickly glanced to see a new message from Cordelia.

Delia My bb;) <3: Be over to pick u up in about 10 mins. Make sure that you are looking somewhat nice. This is a date remember?

Oh shoot! THE DATE! I leapt off my bed and ran to the closet. I dug around and finally found a nice purple tribal printed sun dress. Some what nice for a date right? I grabbed a 3 quartered sleeve cream cardigan to go over it. I made my way over to the bathroom. No time to do much to my hair, it will just have to do. I quickly braided it to the side. Then I put on some mascara and lip gloss. I didn't wear a whole lot of makeup in general, but I thought a little was appropriate for a date. Don't want to scare the date away now do I?

I grabbed a nice pair of wedges and made my way down the hall toward Mason's room.

"Mason, grab your shoes and some toys. You are going to go have a play date at Bryce's house while sissy goes out for a little bit k?"

"COOL!" he cheered.

I heard the honk of a car horn outside the house. It must be Cordelia.

"Come on Mason, we are leaving!!" I hollered as I made my way out the door and into my best friends car. We both hopped in the car. I told Cordelia to make her way toward Bryce's house to drop off Mason. I walked my little brother to the door. Right as I was about to knock on the door, it swung open and I was greeted by Bryce in his boxers and a plain white tee shirt. I was a little shocked but tried to keep a straight face.

"Hey! Sorry about the outfit. HEY BUDDY!' he said suddenly directing his attention toward Mason.

"YOU READY TO PARTY WITH BRYCEY??" Bryce screamed while flexing his arm muscles.

Mason imitated him and screamed, "YAAA!" as he ran into the house.

"Thanks again. It means a lot to me, you have no idea," I said quietly.

"Your always welcome. And did I tell you how beautiful you look tonight?"

"Why no, you didn't," I said, flashing a slight smile.

"Well you look so gorgeous!"

"Thank you."

"Have fun tonight k?" he said, pulling me in toward him and gently kissing my forehead.

"I will try."

"And don't torture the poor guy k?" he said with a mischievous grin.

I gently slapped his chest and said, "Shut up! You are just jealous!"

"Ya, maybe I am." He said winking at me.

"Ok, well I will pick him up at 9. See you later," I said, gently waving my hand.

"BYE. DONT HAVE TOO MUCH FUN!" he screamed.

"Got it." I winked at him before driving away.

Ah, what a guy.


"Hmm...nice restaurant," I said as we walked into the huge, dimly lit dining area. This is where the boys wanted to meet us to eat. Nicest date I have ever been on!

The walls of the place were a deep, crimson red. The table cloths were a shimmering gold, to match the ceiling and border of the door. On each table, there were exactly 2 golden candlesticks, with flames burning bright. Rose petals were sprinkled all over the golden sheet, making the table seem more dramatic. Every table in the whole place was set for two, making it a great place for couples to go and spend time alone. The only place that wasn't, was the bar, which only served expensive wine in gold plated glasses.This was going to make things very awkward for me and my date, since I wasn't too serious about this whole thing. Based on the place they made reservations at, it seemed like they were. Oh no.

"Man, this place is nice! Yay, we got rich guys!!" Cordelia whispered in my ear, since the place was relatively quiet and we didn't want to be the two immature teenagers disturbing the peace.

"I know. And now I feel totally under dressed."

"Oh trust me, you look fine."

We were suddenly interrupted by a middle aged man in a tux standing at a table a few feet away from us. "Do you ladies have reservations?" he said in a smug little voice, obviously looking down upon us because of our age.

"Yes, we are waiting for our dates. Jay Parker, that's what the reservation is under."

"Oh, good luck ladies."

What was that suppose to mean?

As if on cue, our dates arrive. One being a tall, muscular guy (about 6'4) with nice bronzed skin. His black hair was somewhat spiked and he has the whitest smile I have ever seen. His eyes were gorgeous, a goldish brown color. I'm sure thousands of girls would pay money just to stare at him for a few seconds.!

"Hello gorgeous" he said, flashing his gorgeous smile and gently kissing Cordelia's hand. She immediately started blushing, but then brushed it off like it was no big deal. She shot me the death glare that clearly said, "Don't you dare, this one is mine."

"I'm Jay. May I ask your name beautiful?" he said in his royal British accent while eyeing Cordelia.


"Well, here is a lovely rose for a lovely lady."

"Thank you. You aren't too bad yourself."

"May I escort you to our table over in the corner?"

"Thank you." Delia quickly glanced back at me, flashing her "smile of approval" as she walked away, hand and hand with Jay.

Then there was my date. I have to admit, definitely more attractive than others I had been set up with. He was about the same height as me (I was wearing heels, so I guess you could say slightly taller) and he had medium length, blonde hair, but slightly brown toward the roots. As for muscles, he had a little, but not as much as Jay. He was dressed casual, in nice street clothes. He didn't look snobby or stuck up. Down-to-earth. Looked like my kind of guy. But what really got me was his eyes. They were bright, bright blue. Similar to my brother's. Maybe that why I liked him, he reminded me of what my brother could look like when he grew up.

"Hello. I'm Niall. Sorry I don't have a rose or anything. I didn't know we would be going to a place this nice." His Irish accent was very strong, and might I say, kind of cute.

"That's totally fine. I'm Jane by the way." He grabbed my hand and gently shook it.

"Well, our table is right over there. 'May I escort you to our table' " he said, purposely mocking Jay's deep British accent.

"That would be absolutely lovely," I said, making my accent deeper and linking arms with the Irish boy. We skipped on over to our table, like little school children, and causing all the adults to look at us.







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