Ciara Harman was one of the prisoners in Camp Cotzan, slowly awaiting the death of both her and her child, Carmen. They both knew the day would come, for they had already witnessed the death of Jordan, husband of Ciara and father of Carmen. But they were released the day before Ciara's hanging, due to the United States Army.
Even though they were free, they knew that they are not safe. The camp's founder was still out there, and was looking for them all. Now Ciara must protect Carmen and herself, but in world where they are always running, what are the lengths of which she will go to protect her daughter?


1. Prologue

     "Mommy, what's going to happen to Daddy?" Carmen asks innocently, tugging at the bottom of my worn out t-shirt. I bend down and push the dark hair out of her delicate face.

     "It'll be alright, sweetie. Just know that," I whisper, holding back my tears, for I knew what was going to happen to him. And it is only a matter of time before she  knows it too. I grasp her small hand before turning back to the tree in front of me, a single rope dangling from one of its high branches. 

     Men in black uniforms march out, followed by my husband, Jordan, who is being roughly shoved toward the tree by more men. I watch him as he is positioned under the rope on a high wooden chair. I hear my daughter's sudden gasp as realization dawns on her. I feel her hand pull away from my own.

     "No!" she screams, her eyes filling with tears. "Daddy! No!" I pick her up swiftly and hold her in an embrace. While she cries into my shoulder, I watch as the men put the noose around Jordan's neck. My daughter's tears soak through my shirt as the men pull the chair away. I watch as Jordan looks at me with pleading eyes before he takes his last breath.

     Silently I vow to get my revenge, though I do not know how. And I vow to protect Carmen, precious Carmen, with everything I have.

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