I'd Die For You

Catie went to a onedirection concert, till the boys figure out her problem. and more and more Harry Falls for her, But yet one of the boys like her too, What team are you? Will Catie be Hurt?


14. Waiting

"H-harry." Catie studdered weakly looking at her arm full of cuts. Harry takes his phone and dials 911. Harry sits there talking on the phone and then after he gives all the information, Catie opens up the door and falls to the ground. Catie shreaks in pain, Harry jumps out of the car and holds her tightly. 

"I shouldnt have listened to Louis, Catie i do love you!" Harry sheds some tears trying to hold back, catie looks into his Green eyes. 

"Harry I love you too." Catie looks at her arm and starts to cry, harry tilts her face up and wipes the tears from her face. 

"Everything is going to be ok." Harry assured her, looking around for help. You could barly see the stains of blood on Caties clothes, as usual, shes wearing the darkest clothes as possible. Harry is wearing a white shirt with the blood stains. it was his favorite shirt, and harry sits there holding catie, as shes slowly dying in his arms. "Catie you know my bird tattoo, the one you thought was cute?" Harry sits there crying and trying to make conversation. 

"Yeah?" Catie says very quietly, takiing her and and pulling down the neeck whole to see the tattoo as best as possible. Harry smiles and takes her hand, he holds it and puts it on his neck. 

"It was for you." Catie looks up at him, she pulls him closer to her, and she whispers "I will always be yours, because you my An-" Catie Starts to close her eyes. Harry pulls her closer, and starts to cry again. He looks at her bloody, Blood stained wrists and kisses it, then he kisses her lips, and her cheek which has tear stains, He looks at his phone and its been an hour since he called 911. He looks  at Caties phone and sees messages from girls, being mean to her, telling her to die. Harry looks at the case he got her and takes it off the phone. Then something falls out of the case, A blade. Harry puts the blade on the phone and puts the case on the phone too. And chucks it into the street with anger, he kicks his car. Then he looks at Caties Hair, he starts to hear his phone ring, its Louis. Harry ends it, he chucks his phone into the street too. He gets up carrying Catie, he puts her into the car and drives. He looks at catie, until he notices an emergancy truck, behind him in the spot they were before. He turns around  and drives the car back there. "HEY! OVER HERE!" He yells in the car while the windows are down. "Here." He says getting out of the car, while the nurses are grabbing a gurnee. He opens the car door and lifts Catie up and holds her, Wedding style. he places her in the gurnee gently, and the people put her into the emergancy truck and shut the doors. 

"Wait! Im coming with!" Harry  yells as one of the workers turn around.

"Im sorry sir, we cant have you do that." The man pushed Harry back. 

"Listen, i care about her, im leavin my car, im not leaving her. If you dont let me, you'll regret it." Harry looks at him and his face is still read from the tears, he had a very serious face looking at the man who looked pissed, then he pushes harry aside. 

"Do you really love her?" He asks Harry, Harry smiles. 

"More than anyone will ever know." Harry answers and the man looks behind him. 

"You can go." The man runs to the car and opens the back door and lets harry in. Harry shuts it and sits there next to catie and he holds her hand. He leans i and whispers.

"Everything is going to be ok." He feels the truck start to move and he hold on caties hand tighter, then he feels a bump on the truck, and Harry knows, That the truck just ran over there his phone which louis called which made al this drama and confused Catie, and it ran over her phone, which had hate, and it crushed the blade that she used to end thhe hate, which costed her Life.

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