I'd Die For You

Catie went to a onedirection concert, till the boys figure out her problem. and more and more Harry Falls for her, But yet one of the boys like her too, What team are you? Will Catie be Hurt?


9. The News

Abby, Lucia ,Zayn, And Niall all left to go visit Catie. They Asked the front desk person what room Catie was in. 169, Niall laughed. He is so inappropriate. Then when we saw here laying there, it was soo Sad. She had like 10 Tubes connected to her whole body. We walked in, But Abby and Niall Sneaked out to talk.

"How come you and Lucia didnt get hurt?" Niall asked Abby

"we were in a closet. He didnt hurt us, we were out before the fire." Abby answered, She shivered thinking about the flash back.

"Wait, There was a fire?" Niall Asked Surprisingly

"Yeah, Her Father left. They never found him, he burned the house and Catie was in it." Abby said Sadly

"What about Sammy?" Niall Wondered

Abby Smiled "He is fine, He is at a dog hotel until catie gets better. Well, If she gets better." Abby Said drooping her head down.

"So, Whats my Mission?" Niall said in his Famous Announcer Voice, Abby giggled.

"You need to keep Louis From Catie, Until we figure out whats wrong with her. WE dont need louis making any moves or causing drama." Abby High fived Niall, Niall started to walk away. Then suddenly, Abby ran behind him and hugged him.


Nialls P.O.V

I ran to the front of The Hospital, I was thinking about Abby. Does she like me? She is really cute, she is very down to earth. Different from other girls, Very Different. I saw Louis walk inside the Hotel.

"Hey, Buddy!" I stepped in front of him so he would stop.

"Now that your leaving, can you get me nandos?" I tried to get him to leave longer.

"Sure, Lad. Just let me see Catie first." Louis Said. He sis a little smooth walk.

"No! Ummmm, I am starving! The food here Sucks dick, Can you please get nandos?" Then i know he wouldnt leave. "Thanks Bye." I grabbed louis and pushed him out the door and when he tried to come inside i covered the door. Everyone was staring at me, I didnt Care. Lou was up to something.

Then i got a text, it was sent to everyone even Lou and Harry. It was from Abby


Come here Quick! I have bad news!


Niall Ran upstairs and saw Lucia crying in Zayns Arms, Liam was trying to hold back his tears. Abby Ran to Nial and Hugged him. Then she Sat him down, She was about to tell him the Good and Bad news.


"I have Good and Bad news." Abby said trying to hold back her tears,

"What?" Niall asked holding Abbys Hand

"Good news, Catie is ok, Shes alive." Abby said, Niall knew there was a catch

"Ok, Whats so Bad?" Niall asked knewing he was going to hear something bad.

"Bad,news.." Abby tried to find a way to say whats wrong.

"She doesnt know shes Catie." Abby said looking at the ground

"What?" Niall jumped up and Grabbed Abby and hugged her " I Gotta Go, Babe."  And niall Rushed to tell Harry.


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