I'd Die For You

Catie went to a onedirection concert, till the boys figure out her problem. and more and more Harry Falls for her, But yet one of the boys like her too, What team are you? Will Catie be Hurt?


2. The Meet and Great that turned into Crowd and Question

December, 20, 2012 my friend Abby and Lucia took me to a one direction concert. It was the best, Lucia got called up on stage because she threw her phone on stage, Zayn picked it up and put his number in it. I was screaming so much, i lost my voice. Well, i could still speak but it was very raspy.I freaked when i figured out there was a meet and greet, i dont really pay attention to the info websites. When we were in line, all i could think was im soo excited to meet them! But then i realized im wearing a short sleave shirt, my arm was covered in cuts and bruises, and my eyes are beat up! Thats why people were staring at me, "Guys ill be right back!" They knew excatly what i was doing. I Baught a red sweat shirt that was big on me, anything to cover the bruises right? Then i got I <3 1D Sunglasses, Then i ran right back in line. Also it didnt help i had to run across the whole building, it was HUGE! But im use to running, from my dad. I came back and without huffing or puffing. Then we finally walked up to the guys, I looked at Abby, her face was completley red. Then i heard Lucia Talking to Harry, Listening to Harrys voice was, the most heavenly thing ive ever heard. And it makes me feel safe, It was so blissetly perfect, but then louis was asking for my name. "Catie." I responded then Niall looked at my and laughed "Well, Can you control your friend?" Then i realized which friend he was talking about. "Lucia!" I yelled she wasnt paying attention she was yelling at Harry. "Harry, i know you take Girls virginitys! I have a boyfriend and if you try to take mine, i will beat you until you cry for your mum! I dont want your little penis trying to get shoved in my hole!" Lucia Threatened, I cant believe she said that, and she said Mum! "Actually it isnt small." Liam confirmed. We looked at him, "Well he walks around naked! what do you expect, do you think we would be clueless?" Zayn asked "Nope" Abby finally said breaking out of shock, which made me releived i was afriad i was going to have to call 911. But the whole time Louis was Staring at me I dont know why, but he was. I looked at him, he noticed i was looking at him too, it was kind of hard because of my sunglasses. "Umm, Catie Why do you have a X-Large Jacket when your probubly a medium, also its like 80 degrees in here." He looked Confused "Ummm" All came to my head, i was embarrassing myself. Then the next thing i knew Louis had my sunglasses in his hands. I heard Harry gasp, It sounded Sexy. I Fell to the ground for a sec, i was crying. I got back up and tryed to leave, But Lucia wouldnt let me. "What Happened, Babe?" Niall asked, I love how he says babe! I wouldve cryed but, my eyes were beatened up and i cry to much they were kinda dry. "Who did this?" Liam asked, "Why did they? "Niall Asked. Harry shot up, "Where are they?" He looked pissed, Zayn Calmed him down. "Stop crowding her!" Louis shouted. They were getting so close, i was remebering my dad when he shoved me in his trunk for a day when i came home 2 minutes late. "Gosh, Leave her alone its her Birthday!" Abby Shouted. "Its her birthday?" Niall asked, Abby nodded yes, The boys all glanced at eachother. Then Harry Grabbed me, I could tell it was harry because his arms were really strong, and covered with tattoos, "Im Kidnapping this Girl!" Harry Screamed, i giggled and looked up and saw the biggest smirk ive ever seen on Harrys Face.

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