I'd Die For You

Catie went to a onedirection concert, till the boys figure out her problem. and more and more Harry Falls for her, But yet one of the boys like her too, What team are you? Will Catie be Hurt?


6. The Call

Louis P.O.V

I Heard Harry Slam his door, I had to see what happened. And i heard harry say.

"Well, if she doesnt want them to call, i Will." then i heard his phone dial.

Who was  Hazza Talking too? Or who was he talking about? Im really worried, Untill i heard him hang up, and drop his phone.

"Hazza? You ok?" I had to ask he sounded really bad,

"Ye-e-ah" He studdered. "Dinners Ready." I responded "Bring Catie with you." 

She would cheer up Harry, He Loves her, she loves him. I have to seal with it, he did love her first. Her smile and her eyes are so beautiful. Yet, i couldnt keep her safe, Harry loves her more. Wait, was he calling Catie? She was quiet on the ride back. Is she even Here?

Harry P.O.V

Why? Why would Catie do this? Did i push her away? I need to go downstairs, the Boys are Calling me. How can i explain this? Maybe, ill tell them she is out with Abby. Yep, thats what im going to do. So i went down stairs.

"Hey, We were waiting" Niall said before he stuffed his face

"Wheres Catie?" Liam asked

"She is with abby!" I lied to my Lads.


Lucias P.O.V

I Had Abby over, we went for a walk, We heard someone Scream.

"Catie!" Abby screamed

It was Catie! But, we cant run in , last time we went to help i got a huge cut down my leg and a broken arm. We Got really hurt, when we told our parents they didnt believe us.

"What should we do?" Abby asked me.

"Well, we cant just stand her and watch our friend get hurt or even killed!" i responded

"Lets call someone!" Abby recommanded

"Zayn!" I Freaked

"Zayn." Abby mocked all girly and preteded to make out on the air.

I rolled my eyes, Then i called him.


Zayns P.O.V

When i saw Lucia Was calling me, i jumped from the table and answered it, My heart was racing. Hearing her voice was the best thing ever. Until, i heard her Crying. I couldnt Believe what she said:

"Catie, Shes nocked out!" Lucia Cried

"How? Where?" I asked her.

"At her House! Her dad Knocked her out!"

"Ok, Calm down! We will be on our Way."

"Lucia Look!" Abby paniced in the background.

"Hes Coming! Hurry Zayn! Run!" Lucia Pleeded

The Call Ended

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