I'd Die For You

Catie went to a onedirection concert, till the boys figure out her problem. and more and more Harry Falls for her, But yet one of the boys like her too, What team are you? Will Catie be Hurt?


4. My Heart Is Trapped

*Ding-Dong* Went my door at 12:00pm, i was with Lucia and my dad was not home. He went to a Bar, and i was home with my Dog and Lucia. "Louis!" I Freaked "Zayn!" Lucia shouted, They both started to blush, which was weird because Zayn was dating Perri and Lucia was dating Mark. "Well, come on. We cant stand here all day!" Louis said. Lucia and I grabbed my bags and we rushed to get our coats i fell into Louis, we both started to laugh. Then We all hopped in the Car. The whole ride was fun! We stopped at Nandos and we got one huge bag full of food just for Niall, and the funny thing is Niall gets 50% off his food.  Then we Sang all the way back to the boys house. It was huge but not fancy, which was cool. When i went to get out of the car, a car passed me and a hand hooked on my wrist it pulled me into mud and they let go. Zayn pulled me into the house with Lucia and Louis. "Nandos!" Niall Cheered as he ripped the bag out of Louis hands, " What are you covered in mud?" Liam asked. "Some idiot accidently grabbed her."Zayn answered, "Ill show you where the showers are." Louis said while tugging my arm. We went up the stairs there was a room with 5 doors, there was a bathroom for each of them. "You can Use mine." Louis said while he chucked a towel at me. "Thanks soo much." I said with relief. Louis walked out of the room, i started to take off my clothes in a corner, my head facing a wall. i kept turning around because i felt like someone was watching me. When i had only my black blink-182 bra on and red underwear i didnt trun around, i felt a small object rub my back, then i felt a liquid trickle down my spine, I turned around. "Dad??" I screamed He grabbed me i couldnt get out of his hold, then i heard a door open, i tryed my best to look behind. "Harry, Help!" I Screamed, My dad whipped me behind him. I Slammed against the wall, "Why did you come back, she doesnt like you." Harry said pissed. "Im her Father she doesnt have to like me." My dad Responded, "But she Has to Trust you." Harry yelled throwing a punch. I could barley see what was going on i was soo beat up and lost alot of blood from my back i couldnt really see. I could only see to figures and alot of Red. After 20 minutes, one of them fell down. The person walking toward me, didnt have curly hair. "Leave me alone!" I said shakeing, then the figure went, sat down beside me, wrapped his arms around and whispered. "Your safe." He dragged me into the bathroom, i took a little cloth and put cold water on it. i was wiping down his face being glad, i cant see. the he stopped me and took a cup and put water in it and told me to drink it. It helped my vision eventually came back, But i wish it hadnt. Harry was really beat up,"Harry, im soo sorry he did this to you!" I cried. "Catie." He said and he pulled me close to him and stood up. "You are my Angel for my Light, I would do anything for you." Harry said. I Leaned in and kissed him, We were doing little pecks, Until i knew what was going to happen. "Prove it." i said. He put on his shirt, which was what i wanted him to do, i didnt want us to rush into the moment. "Thanks." i said reliefed and kissed Harry on the cheek and left, and i went and took my shower.

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