I'd Die For You

Catie went to a onedirection concert, till the boys figure out her problem. and more and more Harry Falls for her, But yet one of the boys like her too, What team are you? Will Catie be Hurt?


7. Last Night Together

Harrys P.O.V

When i Heard Lucia say Catie was Hurt, i felt like my heart broke, shattured. Why would she go back! There had to be a reason, all i could imagine was being at her funeral. Her Pretty Dark Brown hair, Turning to black. Her pretty Pink Lips Turning, Cold, rough, and pale. Same with her skin, Her not holding me. Did i push her away? Is this my fault? I cant bare myself knowing i killed the girl i have ever loved. I need to save her, i need to see her alive.

Then I snapped out of it.

"Guys, i Love Her!" i shouted without thinking. The lads turned around and looked at me, they all were smiling. Except louis, he rolled his eyes.

"Lou, i need to talk to you." "you guys get ready, we are going on a trip." I said while sniffing, i was gonna start crying. I grabbed lous shirt and brought him in the corner.

"Lou, whats your problem?" I Said very sturnly.

"Oh,I dont know." he said sarcasticly, "You always get the girl! Did you ever think i like her, why did you think I hung out with her? Why did you think I picked her up?" Lou said frustraited.

No matter how much this would hurt me, Lou was right. I had to let him date her, i took a deep breath and had a tear roll down my eyes.

"Your, right, Louis" You Can have her." I said and left him.

I dont know what he was going to say next, i didnt care. He took Catie, He took her. My Angel, is turning to darkness.

"C'mon guys! We need to go!" Niall and Liam shouted, I knew he they were really only talking to me and Louis.

Caties P.O.V

When i woke up, i was bleeding threw my head. I was losing alot of Blood, Sammy was in a Cage. Then i saw, Lucia and Abby Trapped in a room. I Stood up, trying to keep my Balance. My Legs Weakend, I was shaking, i got light headed and fell. I crawled to my Dogs Cage and opened it. At least i got one prisoner out, Then i got up balancing on the Tables, i fell and the Table flipped over and fell on my Legs. Then My dad walked in, I trie to get my leg out from under the table, it was to heavy.

"Why do you hate me?" I screamed at my dad

"You remind me of your mother." My dad said and slapped me.

"Why capture my friends?" I questioned him.

"Because, 1. So they cant tell anyone. and 2. They arent your friends" he opened the door, they were tied up. "They arent doing anything to save you." My dad said very twisted. "Stupid Little Girl." And he knocked a Vace on me Head.

Abbys P.O.V

Her Dad is Calling her stupid, he forgot we are 13. We have Cell phones, I went against the wall and my ducktapes end was peeled soo i rubbed my face against the wall, and i got it off. Then i Bite Lucias End and rippe it off, i have to admit, it was pretty akward. but anything to save our lives, Then i put her wrap. I cant believe he wrapped our arms with cloth, Really? Cloth, so i told her to take off mine. We both called 911, we told them about Catie. Then they said they already had 3 reports about this house, the boys called. Then i hung up. I wonder if catie is ok? she keeps getting hit in the head. i wonder if shes ok?

An Hour Later

Louis P.O.V

When we got there An Ambulance was parked out front. Zayn jumped out of the car to see lucia, Abby was talking to one of the officers. No sign of Catie, I hope she ok. I really Like her, Shes really pretty. She reminds me of elenour, There she is! Harrys Holding her! But, not the way you would think.


Then Harry placed Catie in the Gurnee, She was Knocked out.


Thanks guys for the 6 Favorites! Feel Free to comment on my story! Also, this is my first story so if you have any ideas for the next one or want to be in the next one just comment below. Please like and favorite my book. Love, Catie



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