I'd Die For You

Catie went to a onedirection concert, till the boys figure out her problem. and more and more Harry Falls for her, But yet one of the boys like her too, What team are you? Will Catie be Hurt?


1. Introduction of Catie

On July 24,2011 My Parents Got a Divorce. My dad was beating my mom up, i remeber hearing at night her paining screams of help and stuff falling, i would try to come in the room but my mom always said every thing was ok. Even though i knew, everything wasnt ok. When they got there divorce they faught for my custody. Sadly, my dad won. I dont know how but he did. And now, he takes his anger out on Me, he beats Me up, i get all those scratches and bruises. Im not the way i was before. I use to flirt with guys now im afraid of them. People call me "Bruised Prostitute." I have long brown hair with bangs. And they call me fat just because i dont have that big of boobs. But it makes no sense because mine are as big as big as everyone elses. i am tan because im outside alot, because i try to get away from my father as possible. And i am not much of a girly type, im allagent. There is a diffrence, and most of my life i have lied to everyone, Except Lucia and Abby who are my neighbors. I have Lied to myself so much, pretending everything is ok when its not. I could just give up, and i know i have the option, but my mom didnt so why should I? My mom always told me, ~when theres Darkness thers always an angel around light~ I have light, but im waiting for my Angel.

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