I'd Die For You

Catie went to a onedirection concert, till the boys figure out her problem. and more and more Harry Falls for her, But yet one of the boys like her too, What team are you? Will Catie be Hurt?


11. Holiday Surprise

On Christmas and New years eve, Lucia and Abby were the only ones to visit her. Which was good, they didnt want to get catie uncomfortable


3 weeks later


Louis has been visiting Caite to the point, she beggs Lucia, Abby, and Hosptal people to keep him away. Lucia and abby try to help ant the Hospital people think shes crazy.


Abbys P.O.V

Im Getting Sick and tired of Louis. Louis  has been driving catie crazy. He is telling lies to catie. Me and Lucia try to tell her it not true. But then Louis come in a make her believe it is try. Every time louis walks in i walk out to calm down. Same with lucia.  I need to tell Niall. Niall will do sometinhg about. Even when i am included with it........................ But back to the point.

 "Lucia , we have to tell the boys." I said. We walk out of caties room.

"Make sure no one goes in room 169." Lucia, then we dash to the front door.

I saw niall walk through the door  followed by the lads, but not louis. I ran up to Niall, but he caught me off guard, he swung me around and Kissed my cheek.

"Niall, Are you Drunk?" I said to him

"No." All the Boys said stunned, i blushed.

"You guys need to get Louis away from Catie!" I said

They Paniced

" Catie doesnt like lou, He is getting her to the point." Lucia stopped.

They looked over and saw Lou in the front desk flirting with a girl. Then we saw Harry walk in! Hes here!  I ran nd hugged Harry, "Lads wheres Liam?:" Harry asked  They all shook there heads,

We walked upstairs and saw Liam Getting yelled at by a hospital Lady.

"Sir we cant let you in!" 1 Lady said.

"Why?" Liam asked, he was getting pushed into a wall.

Lucia rushed over, i fell onto the floor bursting with Laughter. i started to tear up, Niall joined me.

"We told you to keep LOUIS, out. This is Liam, L.I.A.M, We want you to keep Louis out, L.O.U.I.S." Lucia Looked pissed, which made me laugh even harder. i was pounding on the floor, i couldnt stop laughing.

"Can you show me a picture?" Said Lady 2.

We looked around "Abby, Get up!" Lucia Shouted

I tryed my best to get up, my stomach hurt soo bad. Niall picked me up and dragged me into the room.

"Sorry she has Short laughterfues. Also, She only 12." Then Lucia ran into the room and turned around.

"Thats him." Lucia pointed to Louis, and ran inside.

After i broke out laughing I Looked at Harry, he was tearing up.

"Why did Lou bring me here." Harry said in regreat, he kissed her head. Then She woke up.

She woke up confused, Then someone walked in.

"Umm, your Tea." A lady said. She stopped and turned aound before she Left. "Good, Luck." The Lady Winked and shut the door.

"13 times the Charm?" Liam said.

"Thats a badluck though?" Zayn said

"Shut up!" Lucia shouted.

"Calm down Lucia." Catie Laughed

"She knows you guys?" Harry asked confused.

"Only them." Niall responded

Liam Walked over to Catie he gave the tea to catie. She Looked at Harry. Then we couldnt believe our Eyes!

Catie, Drank the Tea!

Liam Looked at us, We all sat there stunned.

Until i heard the Ladys yelling at Louis. I started laughing, this time they couldnt stop me!

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