I'd Die For You

Catie went to a onedirection concert, till the boys figure out her problem. and more and more Harry Falls for her, But yet one of the boys like her too, What team are you? Will Catie be Hurt?


12. Heres to never growing up.

"Harry, Can you take Catie out to eat?" Liam asked.

"um, i dont know." Harry said very shy, rubbing his arm.

"Can you plase?" Catie said grabbing his arm.

"Am i aloud?" Harry questioned. They all looked around the room, then nodded 'Yes' Harry took Caties hand. Before they left Harry sat outside the Bathroom for 20 minutes, Catie was getting ready. Then she walked out in booty shorts and a "Pink" Jacket, it was actually blue.

"Wow." "You clean up good, for losing your memory and being in a hospital." Harry said memorized by her beauty.

"Well, i am a girl." Catie, chuckled.

They left the front door, Harry brought her to the car and opened the door for her.

Harrys P.O.V

Catie was so clueless with who she was, it was quiet in the car, so i turned on the radio. The song "Heart attack" Came on, i turned it "Rock me" came on next. I freaked and turned on the radio, the song "What makes you beautiful." was on the radio. I shut it off, we were almost at the resturaunt anyway.

"So, what do you remeber?" I asked Catie, she looked at me, and started thinking.

"Umm, i remeber Abby and Lucia. Lucia is pissed at me, i dont remeber what i did." Catie looked down at her lap. Then i noticed, she took her thumb nail and was scraping her wrist. I pulled over, and i took her hand and pulled her in and hugged her.

"It wasnt your fault, just because you dont remeber doesnt mean, theres anything to remember." I pushed her away. Then continued driving we were right by the resturaunt.

We walked in, and everyone recognized me. I wish we hadnt come here, Sometimes my fake fans or bitches.

Catie P.O.V

We walked in, and Harry grabbed my hand, tugged me through a crowd of girls. We got seated in a private room, it was cool. Harry was such a gentleman, he pulled out my chair.

When we stopped staring at eachother, i asked him a question, he was surprised to hear.

"Harry, when i met you." i paused. "At the signing why did you drag me out of the room?" i smiled.

"You, remember?" Harry asked stunned.

"I remebered you when i first saw you." I chuckled.

"Come here." Harry said smiling, pointing to the ground.

I walked over, and Harry grabbed my waist and pulled me on top of him. I started laughing, Harry was tickling me.

Then we paused and looked into eachothers eyes, for what felt like forever. We were leaning in to kiss until, We heard someone clear there voice. We both looked over, and a tall guy was standing there.

"What do you want to eat?" His voice sounded like he was annoyed. 

"Um, we arent hungry anymore." Harry said Lifting me up and grabbing my hand and tugging me into the crowd of girls, then i let go. To hear what a girl was saying, she was talking about me.

"I cant believe she hasnt done it yet." The Blonde one said.

"Hehe, Watch this." the one ginger said. She walked up to Harry and kissed him.

"Oh, if you remeber, im his girlfriend." "Go, kill yourself, you were gonna do that too." She smirked and was touching Harry.

"Hey, Lady, i would never date a girl who acts like a bitch." Harry screamed and Grabbed my hand.

I was crying so much, were they right?  I found a knife on the ground, and i picked it up. Harry rushed me into the Car.


Harry Open the door and Catie and Him jumped into the back of the car.

"Catie, dont listen to them." Harrys said, he turned on some music, the song "Heres to Never growing up." Played.

Harry Leaned int and Started to Kiss Catie, the next thing you knew they were in a heated Make out session until Harry Remembered about Louis.  He pulled away from catie, she looked upset.

"Whats wrong?" Catie asked harry.

"Nothing." Harry responded avoiding eye contact and went in the front of the car. He started the Car and drove to back to the hospital. Until, Harry got a paperazii message update. With a picture of Catie picking up the knife. He turned around.

"Catie!" Harry cried, Seeing the Blood drip.


Sorry i havent written in a while, or ALONG TIME! im writing a story with my friend called "She not afraid" But! im also gonna start 2 storys about zayn and niall :)  so im gonna be BUSY! Love u directioners :)


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