I'd Die For You

Catie went to a onedirection concert, till the boys figure out her problem. and more and more Harry Falls for her, But yet one of the boys like her too, What team are you? Will Catie be Hurt?


8. Harry Letting it out

Abbys P.O.V

When i saw the ambulance leave, i felt horrible for Catie. Then i saw Harry, He looked depressed. i went to see if he was ok, I walked up to him, he recognized me right away. Surprisingly, He hugged me right away, i hugged him back. The first thing that popped in my head was, Hes sooooo Tall! I could tell something was bothering him, i took his arrm and tugged him behind  the building, to talk privately.

"Are you ok? Is anything on your mind?" I was soo concerned

"Its nothing." Harry said looking at the ground. I knew, Something was really bothering him.

"Ok, Fine, Dont tell me, i wont tell anyone." i know if i didn't make a big deal, he would probably tell me.

"Fine! Dont Leave! Ill tell you!" Harry Freaked. I knew it would work, He tugged my arm and we ducked. It was like we were agents!

"Louis, We made a deal." Harry said Guilty. Did he have Sex with Catie? Was Catie Pregnant?

"Please, dont tell me you guys.." I couldnt finish

"You better not hurt Catie!" I scolded

"No, i would never hurt Catie! Also, i wish!" Harry said Dreamy

"Wish what?" I asked Harry but then i remembered What he meant.

"Nevermind! No details!" I yelled covering my eyes.

"Well, Louis likes Catie, And i love her. But, I always get the girl. Yet, Caties different! So, im doomed. Louis is stealing my girl! Thats why im not going to see Catie in the Hospital! I love Catie, And now i cant do anything about it! Can you please, tell me what is wrong with her? I dont want to Catch Louis and Catie making out!" "She doesnt love me." Harry put his head down and walked away.

Poor Harry.



Sorry this is a short Chapter im at friends house, so im not typing that much. Ill type more next chapter.

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