I'd Die For You

Catie went to a onedirection concert, till the boys figure out her problem. and more and more Harry Falls for her, But yet one of the boys like her too, What team are you? Will Catie be Hurt?


5. Caught in Action

After That night, My life Got a little Better. But, Harry Kept seeing if i was ok.  I felt safe, really safe. But, we werent dating though. We never kissed after the insadent with my dad, so its been a little akward. I have been hanging out with Lou more. He needs someone right now, His girlfriend elenour broke up with him 2 days ago. So we went to a park called the Callions High School Park. We were walking around.


"How did your Dad Find you?" Louis asked

"I dont know, my dad is physco! He has problems, all i know he has know one or thing to beat up except himself." I confimed. But then i realized he did, My Dog! I broke down in tears.

"Whats wrong?" Louis Asked, he tryed to help me off the ground, i wouldnt let him.


"My Dog! Sammy, Hes Home, With my Dad!!!" I screamed in horror, He would do something bad to my dog, i hope im not too late. Then i did the unthinkable, i asked to go back the there house. I was quiet the whole ride back, then when we got back, i was afraid. I ran inside and when harry was gonna hug me i pushed him away, i ran to the guest room and packked my bags, i had to leave.

Harrys P.O.V

I was worried about Catie, I ran up stairs to see if she was ok, her door was locked. I freaked out and started to yell, "Catie! What are you doing, are you alright?"

"Yeah im just getting ready for dinner!" She responded, which sounded nothing like her!

"Can i come in, and help you?" I asked to see if she would, what if Lou said or did somthing, they were pretty quiet.

"NO!" She said quickly.I waited awhile because i knew she was going to say somthing next, but it took her a while to process it, then i knew she was doing somthing, she wasnt telling anyone anything,Her phone rang. 

"Im Busting down the door!" I screamed, now it got serious.

Caties P.O.V

I had to think quick, He was gonna bust down my door! Harry is strong, he cant do it! I had to think of the most thing that popped in my head. "Dont!" i yelled

He reponded with "Why?"

I had to think fast, and i cant believe what i said.

"Im Naked!" I screamed

"Oh, im sorry catie. Just come down stairs when your done." Which made me want to cry, this will be the last time i see him or hear his heavanly voice. I wrote a note to Harry:

Dear  Harry,

I Have Left, And im sorry i have dissapointed you. Its akward between us, We both love eachother. But, we are afraid to hurt eachother. Whhich makes me feel Good that a guy like you could ever love a girl like me. But, Being apart from you and not being able to Call you mine, or to hold you hand, or kiss your Lips. Makes this hard and Easy to Bare. So, im Really sorry, thats why im leaving a note, i cant see you cry, and cant see you scream "Why!" To Niall, Lou while Liam and Zayn call 911,and my cell. Please, Im an Average girl. Dont make a big deal, Dont Call me, nor 911. Dont Cry on the floor and scream why, Go on and date another girl, Fall in Love. But theres one thing i ask of you, Dont forget me.

Miss, Catie 


I Heard Harry take the note and open it, Was he waiting there the whole time? So i Ran and threw my Bag out the window, and climbed out. I  had to jump off the roof, but i have had practice. And i ran all the way back to my house.

All i could think about was Harry, and what his reaction to the note was. I saw my house, my Dads Car was gone! I threw my bag and ran inside, "Sammy!" I screamed, Grabbing him. But i noticed he had some bruises, and the place was a reck! I couldnt believe he did this! Then, I Blacked out.I Couldnt believe he was, Here.



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